Cannabis Day 2015 Riot in Vancouver

27일 전

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This 12 minute video shows how violence erupted at a cannabis event - for the first time, after 20+ years of cannabis activism in the same spot. Who brought the violence? Vancouver's police department! Cops beat and arrested 4 activists for selling cannabis, then pepper sprayed dozens, including patients and elderly.

See raw footage of the police attack on a peaceful cannabis farmers market in downtown Vancouver, July 1st 2015. This upload includes additional footage not seen elsewhere, improved audio, and better video resolution. Contains violence (not graphic), and adult language.

After 2 years of costly court dates and delays, all charges against the activists were dropped in 2017.

Cannabis was "legalized" in 2018, but only for the government to grow and sell. The gardeners, patients, activists, and farmers market participants seen here are still illegal. The prison time for cannabis 'offenses' has increased to 14 years under "legalization".

#legalizationisalie #endcannabisprohibition

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What an epic moment in history, I'm happy to have been a part of it, but sad that it took place. It was kindof an initiation by fire - we were novice street activists then.

It's SO important to have controversial videos like this available to view!!
YouTube is censoring this kind of thing, and has a lot of other problems on top of that. DTube doesn't maintain their uploads (worthless policy). It's imperative this remain viewable and uncensored!

Why should only the government sell cannabis and people who try to sell it are beaten and battered? That's definitely crazy from the Police there beating off people there and well the prison time being extended? In speechless on that one


Thanks for your thoughts on this issue. Yes, it seems governments everywhere (including Canada) are willing to be violent to stop the people from growing and selling cannabis. They are extremely afraid of losing control of this safe medicinal herb. I hope prohibition of cannabis is soon only known in stories.

This is iconic Vancouver activism footage. This attack paved the way for the 420 Farmers Market, which then itself got attacked violently in 2018 to pave the way for monopolization/legalization.


Daaamn. a day that will live forever in Vancouver infamy.