The Girls of Green LOVE being on the blockchain and 3speak!

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Girls of Green was started on traditional mainstream social media, but evolved quickly to the blockchain!

▶️ Watch on 3Speak ▶️

Thanks, 3Speak and Steem! We appreciate the lack of censorship, as we advocate for cannabis and female sexuality, topics heavily shadowbanned or censored by the status quo websites. We are activists using our looks, knowledge, and motivation to promote healthy adult cannabis use, and work toward an end to cannabis prohibition.

Girls of Green are Canada's cannamodels! We've been keeping it lit for two and a half years now :)

GirlsofGreen is a creation of @DRutter and @MediKatie. Our incredible models are all volunteers for this project! Included here: Rhiannon, Dabitha, & MediKatie.

Until cannabis prohibition REALLY ends in Canada (none of this fake "legalization" bullshit), our cannactivism and cannamodeling will spread across the blockchain!

Thanks for your support. Free the weed! <3

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@drutter, Couple of minutes back saw their post and good to see that more and more users 👥 are coming towards the 3Speak world.

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It is especially useful right now, during a Steemit (and other applications) outage. What a big mess, 2 days of unexpected downtime. Thanks to 3Speak for working during this!

· is coming up strong for sure.

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Thank you, yes we all really appreciate 3Speak for not censoring us, and providing a reliable platform to upload to, without selling our personal data like big tech does!


Welcome and that's true and it's appreciable aspect too.

We're so happy for the great reception of our video. Thanks 3Speak and cannafans! ;)

Loved this video!! Hopefully this gets more exposure for the @GirlsofGreen :))
upvoted and also resteemed.

Thanks for the feature, @Drutter! The @GirlsofGreen are lookin' good! :)


This retired model (SativaZeee) also was seen in the video :))

You are welcome to this great community and i am sure you will enjoy this place


Thank you. We've been here for a while (Steem) but new on 3Speak. Loving the blockchain!!

I'm so glad we can still post comments and vote while Steemit and other front ends are down. Thanks 3Speak!

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