I Will Be Upvoting Comments on My 3Speak Videos with the @threeSpeak Stake this Week.


I love this platform! Always something great to look forward to!

Today I woke up to this message on my @threespeak dashboard. How Cool is this?


It's finally my turn to give a little something back to all my followers who engage with my 3speak videos. I have $27 worth of upvotes to spread around today and hopefully all you who show me support in one way or another will feel appreciated.


I know I am slacking with replies and engagement lately, but it's because I have some other very tasking commitments I have to fulfil before this month ends. But that doesn't mean I don't read or see them, I do and best believe I pay attention :)

Just want to take a minute to also appreciate the @threespeak team for being so thoughtful and involving with their users, heck, despite all the upvote support they also go the extra mile to help us retain our followers and that is super amazing. Certainly a concept well thought out of the box. Great Job Team!

ION, Good Morning from this Side of the Sahara! Hope You Have a Kick ass Thursday and a Very Fabulous #Steemfest Day to all those in Thailand. We are Very Much Looking Forward to the Content from this Event.

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I am so glad join on this platform, its another pretty features for threespeak users.by the way
How can i check my @threespeak upvote worth??


You have to be on top 30 on leaderboard to be able to make use of their stake. I guess there's a que to follow so the best chance you have is to make use of the platform and rise to the top. It's fair play :)

This is great. Congratulations for getting this privilege to support commenters..


Certainly is a pleasure :)

Yeah it's your turn. Yesterday I gave out $26 Worth of upvotes to commenters and it was so exciting. I saw your were next and intended to call you out incase you didn't notice. Spread the love and reward engagement on steem and 3speak.

Do have a fun-filled day!

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Thank you Uyo! I Certainly will Coincidentally I have a free day today so I can make use of it. Where did you check the next in line?


Just visit their channel (top 30 video Creators) try opening any one of their videos then underneath, there would be a green band notifying you when the person's turn would be.


Oh right, Okay. Thanks for the Info :)

Haha well let's see how it pans be out today, Elsie to the world hahaha


Indeed, let's ;)

That's some major bucks!! HAHA :)


Hhaha, right? Gotta give back ;)

Congrats to you.
Hope someday I will also be given the opportunity to give away, some upvotes that comes with some little tokens to others.
Yeah @threespeak has been a wonderful platform and I tell you I haven't regretted joining this platform.
Happy Thursday to you.

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Just keep working your way up and you will be there in No-time :))
Happy Thurs too :)


OK thanks.

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Wow this is really a great privilege , congratulations to you for having this great privilege to reward and to support commenters today.
more grace to you on this.
thumb up!

Congratulations @elsiekjay
Today happen to be your day of upvotes..Its a great achievement which I believe it came along with hardwork and alot of commitment.

Greater achievements and height I wish you. And I also wish and hope to get to that point someday in the nearest future too


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Am glad to be following a success story filled person like yourself.
@elsiekjay, thank you so much and congratulations as you rise to the peak on the @threespeak platform.

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Must be time for the lost us to come back, well, hope to flock more here now that... Congrats for the honor.

On another note, have seen you using the Likwid service, why would they flag you?