If You Could Go Back in Time & Change One Thing, What Would it Be?

29일 전

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This question was passed on to me a while back by a dear friends here on the blockchain and I would like to pass it to you guys.

  • If you could go back in time and change one thing in your life what would you change?

I've shared mine on this vlog and I hope you do the same below. Either in a comment or vlog about it.

Sending Y'all some love from Nairobi,Kenya.

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I'll definitely go back to 2009 and buy over 2.5 million BTC when 1BTC is around $0.03 , save the password to my wallet in a bank or somewhere I won't have access to till 2017/18😂😂

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I hear birds in my room and look around XDDD


Hhaha, they were out in the garden

Elsie, just realized that video was not related to my last Q. That one is from September. What's going on? Let me know if you want to talk. Hope you are fine.

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I will have to check where we left off :D

"If I changed the past, it would risk changing the present, and I wouldn't want that!"
So I guess this is a roundabout way of saying "Yes" 😉

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My Exact Same thoughts :)

a very interesting question, it makes us think about the things that happened to us and that we would not like to keep in mind, well I suppose that each person would like to change something, whatever it is, but I think that the things that happen to us are by our own decisions unless it is a greater force. If the case were on our side, we have the present to change it, for that there is a new day, to start again in something we want to do. Excellent video.