3 Top YouTubers Who've Visited Kenya in 2019 | Part 2 of Is Kenya/Africa Safe?

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Hey Guys,

Today I do a quick follow up of my latter vlog regarding misconceptions about Kenya and Africa in general that regards safety. What better way to do that than to share with you guys 3 amazing top youtubers with millions of followers who've been to Kenya and Shared their experience?

What they all seem to have in common from their experience is, an appreciation of the warmness of the Kenyan people as well as the deep rooted culture of the Maasai Community, and of course FOOOODDD!!

I had alot of fun putting this vlog together. It gave me a chance to rewatch their vlogs in my country as well as a crystal opportunity to share with you guys some of my fave parts about their experience.

They may not be like among the top 10 Youtubers, but they have quite an impact in the space and in the content they create.

Here are their official channels where I got some of the clips on this vlog...

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They went to Kenya and didn't eat Nyama Choma? #unsubscribed.


How do I post on 3speak sir. I tried to reach you on twitter

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You do have to apply via their web(site) prior to having been 'blocked' (censored) on other social handles (arenas), you'll prove this by linking your site on the application doc, approved.


Oh. Okay. Thanks

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hahaha, who does that? :D
Pretty Sure they did.

Thanks for videos

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My pleasure :))) Thank you for Watching

Pretty good editing up there.

We definitely have the best of the 'Africanism'.


Slowly but surely :), Thank you xo

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