Hiking For Justice!


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Mountain Medvednica is the place where I grew up. Right now it is getting destroyed and no one has a single clue about it. The minority took it to themselves and more and more trees are illegally cut everyday, paths are blocked - all in front of our very eyes. The shocking thing is no one seems to care, people are too tired to think let alone go and climb a mountain... What the majority of public is unaware of, our mayor has some strong connections with investors from China who see Medvednica as an ideal location to build high-end luxury apartments, in the sky! There are some people screaming about it, but it tends to get lost in the magical circle of BS which is served to us daily, with the help of mainstream media algorithms. This hiking route is my form of activism against the corrupt system and I'll make sure to spread this video over all my social media channels to 5000+ followers. If you want to go a step further, make sure to follow this link and sign the petition: https://www.peticija24.com/zaustavimo_devastaciju_uma_i_umskih_povrina_u_rh

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Meh. I cant say im familiar with the tree thing on Medvednica, maybe theres something to it i dont know...
What i do know are other examples of what i like to call activism of stupidity.

You probably remember "Srđ je naš" in Dubrovnik where a bunch of idiots with nothing better to do stopped the project where they were supposed to build a golfing range on completely bare rock wasteland on the hill above Dubrovnik.
This cost Croatia who knows how many millions in luxury, all year tourism.

Another example.. The oil extraction project idea off the coast of Istria.
That one cost Croatia possibly billions.
Again the activists with too much time on their hands..
And all that when Italy a few hundred killometers further is draining the same oil pool and taking our damn oil.

All the best to you. Maybe this Medvednica thing ia justified and nothing like these two examples i gave you.

Just a heads up. Activism for the trees and the bees is more often then not stupidity perpetuated by idiots like Pernar to get in the spotlight and feel important.

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The thing is, would you or should I say we, have something from those millions & billions? I highly doubt it 😁

Even if we would, I'm still for the nature... Even in form of rocks 🙂

There was enough money for Croatia to prosper, its just in the wrong pockets

So I don't really give a f... I kinda dig these activists you introduced me to 🤣

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A golfing range is the closest you can get to clean tourism.
It is much more nature friendly then what we have now.
You heard about the natural disaster waiting to happen in Split due to Karepovac garbage thats spilling into Jadro river every time it rains in Split.
One of the cleanest rivers in Europe and we cant drink the water in Split when it rains.
Those are real issues.

Now consider when you get a couple hundred thousand more tourists in Split and Dubrovnik. How much do czech tourists spend and how much do they produce trash.

Golfing tourism is the cleanest form of tourism there is. You create a natural ecosystem artificially sustained.

Would we see money from the oil extraction? Yes we would.

Norway is a good example. Their social projects are largely funded from the oil extraction which secured their countries finances for decades to come.

Even if something happened, of which there is a extremely low chance, the current in the Adriatic would push it all downwards towards the coast of italy.
If Italians can live with their oil rigs then they can live with ours.

Activism is more times then not missguided lead by a simple idea:

If there is any big project wanting to create something of value on a piece of land or sea owned by the country. WE PROTEST.

Its a mentality left over from communism and indeed the loudest and most active activists are either populist or leftist in their politics.

Id wager that activists are right behind politicians and "privatisation made millionares of the 90s" in the damagr theyve done to Croatia.
Very little knowledge and education on the subject but very loud on their opinions.


True that 👀

Great point. Sadly they want it to become a city park

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