Interview with YoungHwi Cho '@project7' - Founder, Designer/Marketer of the STEEMHUNT Platform.


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For my live show called 'Crypto Talk Monday' on MSP waves, I interviewed YoungHwi Cho (@project7) the Founder, Designer/Marketer of the STEEMHUNT Platform.

The interview is packed full of information but can also be difficult to follow if you don't know at least something about the platform.

I have written a short yet hopefully effective summary about what the Hunt Platform is below and I highly recommend you quickly read it first before listening to the interview.

Screenshot 2019-08-13 at 07.35.29.png

The HUNT platform is built to bridge the gap between companies that make tech products (makers) and early adopters (hunters) by utilizing a token economy and different apps build on the HUNT platform.

The goal is to improve and make the process of launching a new product way more effective and cheaper by incentivizing action from hunters through a reward system makers can use.

All rewards are in the form of the HUNT token. A token that is already tradable on the Daybit exchange.

Current Price on @coingecko

Currently, two Dapps are already built on top of the HUNT platform, Steemhunt and Reviewhunt and a third one (Ideahunt) is on its way.

Steemhunt allows hunters to show and write about cool products that they find online. They are posted using the Steem Blockchain. This not only attracts Hunters to the platform but also (AND THIS IS KEY) attracts makers when they realize their products are being discovered without them doing anything.

Hunters are rewarded in HUNT tokens daily for finding cool tech products.

Screenshot 2019-08-13 at 07.34.26.png

The other Dapp build on top of the HUNT platform is Reviewhunt.

Reviewhunt allows Makers to start Review Campaigns when they want to launch a new product.

Screenshot 2019-08-13 at 07.45.52.png

To start a review campaign Makers must buy HUNT tokens through the Steemhunt Team with Fiat (= business model, 20% commission) and build their campaign with those tokens.

A review campaign consists of different quests that Hunters can complete and for each completed Quests Hunters are rewarded with HUNT tokens.

Each completed quest requires proof submitted by the Hunter on the website.

The Quests start simple and have the focus of the Hunter having to use the product.

For Example the current BUZZi campaign (mobile app).

The first Quest is to download the app and fill in your profile. This increases download numbers and makes sure Hunters have the app installed.

Screenshot 2019-08-13 at 07.48.01.png

The second quest is to use the app by making your first post.

Screenshot 2019-08-13 at 07.49.31.png

The Third Quest is already getting a little more difficult. You need to make a post in the app that is a 'top post'. In other words, you need to spend time and effort using the app. Do notice that the rewards increase with each quest.

Screenshot 2019-08-13 at 07.51.00.png

Once that is completed you can start the final two quests. Now you are ready to write an honest review of the App and you are also able to share it via your Social Media channels and get rewarded for it!

Screenshot 2019-08-13 at 07.52.29.png

BUZZi so far has spend $472 out of their $3400 budget.

In return they got:

171 downloads of the app.
27 reviews in the Playstore.
39 product review content on other social media.

Reviewhunt went from Closed Beta to Open Beta yesterday!

More campaigns are expected soon!

Ok, I think this should be enough info to enjoy the interview fully!

Enjoy and thanks for listening.

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Pretty interesting answers and perspective from
YoungHwi Cho expecially talking about (Ideahunt) being added to review hunt and Steem hunt. It was a masively educative I've hour interview and I'll also check out the app, it's an experience every Hunter will be looking. Way to go @exyle this is eye opening.


Testing. :-)

My favorite Steem project, certainly!

They should eventually consider to also add a stable token, once that would be possible. It makes sense to have an 'investor token' which could be HUNT and have a 'stable coin' which would make things more predictable for Makers and Hunters.

  ·  작년


Thanks so much for sharing an interview video with us who you interviewed so much for the person who contributed so much to our comment that I am one of them because we can do something good for them and learn something new. .

It was nice to have your interview and to share some very important things about your talk.

Thanks for recording and posting this! I was in the live audience, but got a phone call and missed far too much.

  ·  작년

No Problem! Thanks for coming on and being an awesome guest!

  ·  작년

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