Vlog 429: Steem is my personal opportunity of a lifetime and I'm going after it with everything I got.

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Yesterday I went again to The Hague tech. It's the name of a building full of tech start-ups all of them blockchain-related.

I went to an event called the blockchain/Bitcoin bar.

People familiar and unfamiliar with the technology go there to hear the latest news about blockchain and cryptocurrencies but also to talk with each other about projects.

Steem has already changed my life but being there I talked to several people and I realized Steem can be so much more for me and others.

I realized that with the foundation that I build on Steem I can do so much more.

I talk about it in my vlog but for the people that don't have access to a lot of data:

  1. I spoke to a programming teacher and I can create 50 accounts for 50 programming students and delegate them the STEEM that they need to build their ideas on Steem. The teacher can create his own token on Steem-Engine and reward students for work and gamify the teaching process.

  2. I spoke to two representatives of a diabetes foundation and introduced them to @actifit. It can be a tool for them to incentive people to move. And they can even offer their own rewards to their users. Again I can help in the onboarding process here.

I can do these things because for the last 3 years I have been building a foundation on Steem. Not only in acquiring a decent amount of tokens that allow me to onboard people, but also in teaching myself everything I need to know about Steem and making connections with people that also love to build on this Blockchain.

The time to build your foundation on Steem is now. Nobody is watching, nobody knows about Steem. But my goodness, when you show people what is possible with Steem and what is already out there for them to use their eyes light up light Christmas trees.

I talk about this in my vlog.

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That is just fantastic to hear @exyle, thank you!
Keep me posted about the progress with those guys, and im happy to jump in on a call together with them, or to help out to bring them on board and work out some cooperation. Like you said, it only makes sense!
Keep up the great work.


Thank you, man!

I felt so happy reading this! I've had an idea for a long time that steem offers so much more and I've been talking locally to groups and the council. Actifit is a great way in - activity is generally a good thing and many people are familiar with fitbit so it is an easy transition. But I agree completely - steem is and can be so much more ... we haven't even discovered yet what's possible. I think it has many other public and community benefits, far beyond what we are already doing. Thank you for turning up every day, and thank you for making my day today!

Hi Exlye,
I feel you made some excellent points:

Steem has already changed my life but ... I realized Steem can be so much more for me and others.
I realized that with... I can do so much more.
....when you show people what is possible with Steem and what is already out there for them to use their eyes light up light Christmas trees.

💡💡💡💡 You have given me several ideas on how I can personally use Steem to help my community incentivize the behavior they want to see!
Thank you🙏🙏

A giant waiting to wake-up
I like listening to you because you always connect the dots :)

ps: public speaking after all is listed as the No.1 Fear...
You are doing great by the way

Wow, this is really wonderful, @exyle. For Steem to really hit its stride and full potential, it is going to have to be meaningful to people on their terms and they need to be able to envision, immediately, how it can make a difference in their lives. I think you've harnessed the moon!

I am happy that these small connections can bring great value not only to us personally but for other people, who can spread the idea of decentralized social media in curriculum!!

Great having you at THT Mark, looking forward to the next gathering!

Great job out there man. Keep spreading the word about STEEM and Steemit. I really liked that idea about the teacher creating his own tokens and using them as a reward system.

When we put these tools into the hands of young, creative and intelligent kids it will not only change their lives, it could change the world one day through their innovations.

I saw this potential three years ago and throw $30K in.
Maybe I was right.
Or just lucky.
We just need to pull this wagon out of the mud back on tracks.

Do you want to hear another idea for the tribe?


We should find a priest or two and bring them on steem.

Smashing it, mate.
Like you said, nobody told you to go there, and say those things.
The more of a foundation we have, the more incentive we have to take these chances.
How many new 'exyles' did you recruit yesterday?


Haha, it's hard to recruit exyle's. But I hope to have inspired some people.

You really are an exceptional ambassador for STEEM - your stake and expertise in platform is one I’m happy you are using to help others benefit from.
Great work man!

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Thank you for all your work. You are not just just helping those few people. You are also helping to create more value for STEEM. That's a 60K DAU. Those people who receive the help will help other people and the goodness will spread.

Best of Luck!

Mark @exyle I get excited everyday thinking about what is going to happen here and I am glad nobody even notices yet..................

PROUD of YOU and love the dedication, and i love the connection with the diabetes foundation and actifit perfect combo !

I hope STEEM is not the only "lifetime opportunity" for me, but I´m chasing it anyway... :D

I am impressed with your idea number 1


I really like the idea too.

You seem to have same conviction for steem as tyler brothers had for BTC back in 2013. Their conviction has paid them back handsomely. Wishing same for u.


Thanks, and for all the other Steemians that are invested.

"when you show people what is possible with Steem and what is already out there for them to use their eyes light up light Christmas trees."

I love this part because its true. If we can fix the problems we have, steem is in my opinion the best blockchain in the world.


Btw, if the students share steem with there friends, because its cool, steem gets more users too :)


And students will not complain about low rewards. They need every penny.


thats true :)

Excellent I hope you get to help out with onboarding these people 👍

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There is power in information and the way you laid that all out shows the real potential with STEEM.

Actifit is a radiation and future microchip Trap!
Wrong Way! Watch out!
I will post a patent here classified in the F41*
international Weapon classification of the
Patent Offices... i jump into my search engine real
quick ;)
Soon come...
Here we go:
Opera Momentaufnahme_Energy Weapon 1_Raytheon.png

Opera Momentaufnahme_Energy Weapon 2_Raytheon.png

I did this real quick just to show y'all that the Millimeter wave tech.
(it gets worse with 5G!) has it's origin in the weapon technology
and was build to hurt people...
Nowadays Wifi is harmful. Sorry, it is what it is.
We need to go back to Nikola Teslas' ways and solutions...
Witness Mark, what do you have to say about that?


I think I should have more knowledge on how harmful it actually is, despite of believing it’s not good the way it’s being sold nowadays (one each home etc). I’m just not sure why you would use steem blockchain or even the internet itself, if it is that harmful. ONLY if sacrificing ourselves would be the only way... is it ? You left me thinking 🤔

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Hardwire and Laptop.
Never heard of that..?


Of course. I hope you are better than me then .... my modem is a router too, so probably I’ve gotta get a new one .....

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Great to hear your inspiring words, I'm feeling the lows at the moment in steem price and appreciate your positive motivational angle as well as all the effort you have put into making this a lifestyle for yourself. You show us newcomers what can be done.

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