NextColony Blueprint GiveAway: Win Transporter II & Explorer II + StarDust


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Earth has send the galactic messenger Alien again to spread some love among the settlers of @NextColony: You can now win some blueprints for the precious Transporter II and Explorer II ships. And some StarDust is also available for the most creative comment.

Watch the message of the Alien to learn more about this specific giveaway and take part in another chance to grow stronger in the vast space simulation of NextColony.

And don't forget to subscribe to his channel under, to increase your chances of getting noticed by the Alien!

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I think there are a few items that could make the game much more interesting. I like to consider new players so I think distributing rewards among the most players is best way to achieve a more vibrant economy. Here are a few other items I believe would improve the game.

-Destroying planets. Planets owned and also enemy planets.
-Siege / parlay forced negotiation for troops planets and other resources...
-Galactic order that is not FORCED but rather incentivized through a bounty system. ( Parley and possibly some other social order....)
-Hyperspeed (x2 or x4) for ships or single deployment...
-Randomness added to the battle system so that battle outcomes are not so predictable.

The question about what makes me want to invest more? Engage the community. Make give them a reason to log in each and every day. Incentivize desired behaviors. Place points of interest all over the map each week that people need to explore to to unlock a quest or something.... The game's bones are great; now give us more!!!

In order to bring more cryptos into the game, I would like to have more possibilities at the Space-Explore. An example could be that you can simply send an explorer somewhere in the galaxy and then randomly bring items, Stardust etc. back home with the explorer. Also a marketplace for trading ships against Stardust or Steem would be great.

ingame messaging could be a feature that would make me invest more


ingame messaging and trading^

I'd like to build Tech Gates in the orbit of my home planet, that people could come to me and modify their fleet. Like a custom garage for cars, but for space ships. Could work like this:

Custom Space-Ship Gate:

  • Unlock once per Homeplanet (Blueprint)
  • Upgrade by spending Stardust (faster installation per ship, more % bonus)
  • Have a random tech class (speed / damage / exploration / armor / shield / structure / storage)
  • Set your own price for the work and "make" it available for others
  • You can't mod your own ships or ships that already have a similar bonus
  • Only available on home planets

That would lead to:

  • more posts on the blockchain, to advertise the service
  • a nice USP focused on home planets
  • could give the siege mode an additional asset
  • utilize stardust
  • is a very cool feature :p

What do you think?

Best Regards, Manni

Markets make the universe go round.

Once we have markets, markets for ships, markets for resources, markets for agreements, then we can become the space cowboys we are meant to be.

Did someone say Magical STARDUST!!! That would naturally require a Magician!!!

The consensus seems obvious, I would bring more currency into the game if there were some kind of Market!!! As many have said, a trust-less market. But I would even be happy with buying more STARDUST and using it within the game, not only for the Yamato, but also for my NextTransport idea.


This idea would create a unique economy within the game, which would be based on real game play, as opposed to a typical market where everyone tries to outbid one another and the player with the most money overly influences the price of supply.

Within our WALLETS, I would place a field called NextTransport.

Under that field would be four fields which would allow you to enter the price in STARDUST that you are willing to pay for the four resources that the game presently offers.


Default would be zero to indicate no interest in buying resources.

How it would work is that any player that sends a successful Transport Mission to another player who has NextTransport activated (by entering prices) would receive, automatically, STARDUST for the resources at the amounts offered. Obviously, it would be coded to exclude Transport Missions to yourself.

This would create Trade Routes all over the galaxy... universe... and because not everyone is in the same area, the player with the most STARDUST would only be able to influence those regions in which they have planets.

This would also introduce an interesting competition in the "market" because a Trade Route can be blocked by a Siege Mission. To reopen the Trade Route, you would have to break the Siege of your planet, or those players who want the STARDUST would have to break the Siege if they want to sell their goods. So a player with a lot of STARDUST would also have to consider, not only the price, but also the protection of the Trade Route. We have 3 types of Transporter ships that would then become more valuable, and Transport Missions would become more popular within the game.

PITFALL: sending a Transport Mission to another player, and that player suddenly changes the price to zero and steals your resources.
SOLUTION: prices can only be changed once every 24 hours. Or, price is locked once the Mission begins. Or, any player that engages in that kind of activity would be shamed and blacklisted, and no one would want to send them anymore resources.

The same exact logic can be applied to NextDeploy... but that's for some other Magical Post!!!

The market is undoubtedly the great need of the game, we need a site where we can sell and buy ships, planets, and resources in real-time.

Another thing that would be fun to see in the game is the possibility of building "space stations" would be like a kind of community planets that do not generate resources, but serve as a kind of space base and that can be destroyed by the enemy.

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I liked the spaceship(presenter) used in video and hope that wheel of fortune selects me.

Simply, the game I like.

Blizzard actually regretting sucking up to China in the Hong-Kong Crisis and taking a stand would make me invest more into nextColony.

(Similar probability as when Pigs learn fly, or the Steem price hitting a price above 1$)


slick cat you have there :D


Would you like to be part of a podcast on that topic? I'm searching for people to make that happen with me and upload it in parts to 3Speak

-> you can hit me in if you're interested

"What will make me invest more, of my hard earn credits, into the game?"

The answer is IF.

If I win credits, I can invest more.
If I can increase chance for a legendary with credits, will be nice.
If it is free, there will be more score.
But winning is better, feels like paradise.

Thank you @flauwy again for the Carrier Unicorn BP.
Hopefully second time lucky with Explorer or Transporter.
If you do pick me for Stardust, I'll share half of it to the last person pick by the Steem Fortune tool after all blueprints been given away.

Sharing the winning is better than just winning alone.

Good luck

Hey @flauwy, the ships are still on their way. Let me like and comment at first and then watch the video :D

Hoolly Mooly :D

Have a BluePrint Constructor for custom warship's blueprints (have StarDust to buy some speed / damage / exploration / armor / shield / structure / storage Elemental Units (& some balance between the units) for a creation of own blueprints ) and to sell own created custom blueprints on BluePrints Market.

Maybe a planetary limit to the number of ships that can be docked at one time.
The overwhelming force used, i.e. attacks with 600+ corvettes, is impossible for a non bot player to compete with. I don't have enough time in my day to manually make all those clicks. Or you can add an "auto build" feature I can turn on, because coding a NextColony bot is not going to happen for me.

Add a market but the items sold would still have to be shipped. Otherwise "alt" accounts could sell resources to the main account instantly.

Non moving Space Station that could be destroyed. That multiple players could "dock" ships at. Each player keeps full control of their ships. All the docked ships protect the station from attack. These could be used as a "public" defense to protect an area.