The Lucky Winners of Mighty Blueprints and StarDust


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And another round of @NextColony giveaway with the friendly Alien comes to an end. The winners are selected by the flying saucer pilot and got their treasures send via the galactic express service.

Tune in to see if you are one of the lucky winners. And make sure to follow the alien on 3Speak, to not miss the next round of epic NextColony giveaways!

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Thank you so much for the kind words about my comment, and thank you big time for the Master Builder STARDUST! It will certainly be put to good use in the Yamato Revolution! As you selected the winners, I noticed my mouth watering every time I saw that juicy Dreadnought Imperial blueprint!!! ;D

Hey! Thanks for the blueprint :)

I will activate it when I find a rare planet lol, hopefully it doesn't take me too long to find one

Great success! Another giveaway that reaches the community and allows some players to really makes use of the all might blueprints! Keep it up and hope for the contest to continue...



Congratulations to the blueprint winners...
Can't say how lucky they are...
Am looking forward to participating in the next contest...

Well the random winner picker can be a real bummer sometimes really hahaha well it's a awesome watching the winning process pick, I'll like to win too really, how do o participate?


Just comment under the next give away and you will be eligible for the random picker. And if your comment is awesome, you might even be selected for the StarDust prize!

The next one is coming very soon so stay tuned and follow my on 3Speak.


Definitely I will thanks a lot

@flauwy, Keep bringing exciting contests and keep spreading the essence of Engagement. Stay blessed.

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Good One, thumbs up!

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Thanks @flauwy for the Blueprints. Anxiously await for my carrier skills to be enhance for this.