NextColony GiveAway: 10x Transporter III & 11,000 Stardust


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Welcome Earthlings,

the galactic messenger is back with another exciting give away, to celebrate the discovery of the laser ships. You can now find their blueprints via space exploration, together with some sparkly StarDust. You can even buy and sell them now on the new market place from @Jarunik, which might even be integrated into the official space console.

Tell us about your experience with these new features. The five best answers will be selected manually and win 2 x Transporter III blueprints each. And on top of that, all participants we will have a chance to win 11,000 StarDust. Another Holy Moly, don’t you think?

So go ahead and comment below this post.

And I… see you soon!

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Don't really know yet, since I was away from the game for about 2 weeks to a month. But now I came back to it yesterday, and without paying too much attention sent all my explorer ships quite far away, so they return I think 22 days from now :D

But hopefully I find something interesting, and it will be worth the wait.

I really need to start getting more efficient with my moves.

I was already able to experience some stardust, unfortunately I have not received a blueprint yet. Maybe I'll be lucky this time. :-)

I am loving all the changes that developer are doing from last month. I really think game is going to more exciting as I mentioned in my post.
I am changing my gameplay with each announcement that nextcolony developers are making. When they announced that exploration will earn rewards and legendary planet will have Yamato blueprints , I started my explorer research and started exploring the space. But location in which I am situated is almost explored, so I purchased a planet (keeping finger crossed because it require manual transfer.) If I get this planet , I will explore from this new location and plan to purchase explorer II Blueprint also.
I am loving the market and sold my surplus explorers to earn the startdust. I also purchased the stardust from a fellow colonizer too.
I am really excited for season 1 that start from November 15 and I think real surprises are yet to be discovered.
I am hoping "to the moon galaxy end" growth of this game.
Wishing luck to all my fellow colonizers and thanks to the developers for all the hardwork done.

@flauwy, Any winners for this giveaway?


No, not yet.