Painting Time-lapse | There's A Bubblegum In My Throat Because I'm Clumsy

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While continuing the abandoned painting, I decided to try and record a time-lapse video for it. I've never done a time-lapse before because it will just make me conscious about what I do and also would take much effort to record but I did have fun recording this.

I thought of adding a background music for my video as it would be dull not to have one. First thought was to look for a music that is allowed to be used personally and commercially and I know there are lots out there. But, I also know there are lots of musicians on Steem so I have contacted @drewsmusic to see if he would allow me to use his "Things That You Left Me" Cover and fortunately, he was cool with it!

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I am SO glad you're good at painting. My hands are covered in blisters, Painting life is just not for me, I need to marry a decorator or something


Glad you enjoyed it lol. Yeah, I think will do more from now on :D

That bubble gum brush strokes really add some personality to it. Thanks for taking the time to make a time-lapse quite cool to see.


I agree with you, thank you! :D

Very nicely done. The painting turned out great. Thanks for sharing this. Happy Friday Hidden.


Thank you! Glad you like it even though it wasn't the timelapse from the very beginning of the painting XD Happy weekend!

Wao, your talent is too beautiful, I'm glad to be the first to see you here, well I don't know, what I know is that I was and I will be your first subscriber I have been delighted, we always think that it will be a problem to record our talent because really deconcentrate but if we do we can have fun and de-stress in the process I loved this, welcome to the community, threespeak now seems only of artists of paintings that is really great there are many artists here I hope you feel at home, greetings I hope to continue seeing your art 🤗


Yeah, true, cos recording is multitasking so you might not be able to concentrate well. It's almost the same as someone watching you as you draw/paint haha. Thank you for the warm welcome! I will surely enjoy threespeak :D

Dammm, you talented girl!!


Thank you! :D

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Hello I liked the result very much, you have a lot of talent, congratulations, I'm also an art lover, I've done some work here, I think they are quite good, if you like I invite you to see them. Happy day :)

Tienes mucho talento! felicidades! sigue adelante!


Muchas gracias por el elogio!

Super swell and awesome post. So awesome that we resteemed it!

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Thank you! I appreciate it :)

It's so cool to see the process! I don't find myself super duper creative, but seeing this makes me wanne create something as well haha


Nice! Let this be the inspiration and pick up those brushes!! :D