Painting With Procreate on iPad Pro


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My friend, @spintwister, and I went to our favorite coffee shop to discuss about our concept with our upcoming exhibit next year. She brought her iPad pro with her and she let me borrow it. It was my first time using it with Procreate, so was kinda having a hard time with the brushes and the sensitivity. It was amazing tho! It instantly recorded the progress, so now I have a video automatically. :P

This was a live painting. She was drawing something on the sketch pad while I was painting her.


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From the sketch and the lines on the hair to way you graduated into the dark colors and the brown colors on the Face, it's totally a thrilling 47 second of change. It's a beautiful and brilliant piece by all means

Cool but too bad 3 speak lags soooooo hard...

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Thanks! It doesn't lag on my end... it never did. :O Might be your browser? I'm using Chrome. Or dunno what the problem may be :o

This is great
Nice drawing

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nicely done!

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Good thing your friend let you borrow her iPad, and of course you really did something amazing with it. Keep up the good works!

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