Thai Milk Tea Timelapse


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Milk tea! Asians know how a milk tea/bubble tea tastes like. They are very popular here in our country and almost everyone wants it lol. I became addicted to it since 2014. There are different flavors. My favorite is a choco milk tea but this time I ordered the Thai milk tea instead.

@spintwister brought her iPad with her again and shove it in front of me. :p Here we go again with another time-lapse that I painted earlier. This was the Thai milk tea. :D


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@hiddenblade came over with flowers, Thai milk tea 🤤 and @threespeak vlog infotainment to make me feel better 😊
I don’t deserve such valuable edutainment from such a pragmatic Steemit blockchain author. 😩

Drinking thai milk tea while curating my tomorrow's blog post on partiko is such a mood 🤩

First time to try Thai Milk Tea.
Not bad 😋

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haha aawww I'm so glad I'm making someone feel better with just a time-lapse of a milk tea lol. Yeah drinking the actual milk tea is waaaay better :D


Keep up with the good work...
Steem to the 🚀🌑

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Adding the Dark colors inside the milk shake container did it for me, when you equally added the bright red, the relapse came alive beautifully. It's beautiful and even wondering how the speed process is only 25 seconds is astonishing by all means. Well done


Thank you! I was playing with the colors and also cos I'm not used with the pen.. so I'm glad it worked for you xD The video is automatically saved and I'm not quite sure if it can be adjusted as it wasn't my app hahah anyway it was only done in maybe 20-30 min so I guess that's why it was also short.


Haha 20-30 minute? That wasn't slow though, and well you should play more with colors on your next one, like to see how it would turn out. Cheers 😍

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Thai milk tea .I have never heard of it. But you art is amazing :)


Oh hello there! It's really popular here lol. Thanks! :D

How did you make it? I would love learn it form you :) Nice work done


There's an actual tea in front of me and I copied it from life. You copy it just the way you see it.. though it took me a lot of practice to get the colors. With the Procreate app, it's easy to pick certain brushes and colors and you can do it in layers. I would love to upload some kind of tutorial-ish video but let's see how that goes XD Thanks!

I didnt know there is a milk tea in Thai...

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I've never been to Thailand but I do believe they have lots of milk tea there as well!