Books Digital Painting Time-lapse

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I was at the cafe with @spintwister and you know what that means. ;)
There was this cute little shelf with a fake plant deco and some books there and couldn't help but to paint it live. It has some nice lighting as well that adds beauty to it.

In the time-lapse, you will see at the beginning I was drawing and erasing it lol it's cos I was trying some brushes and stuff. Original plan was to paint all of the books there but I got lazy so I only finish the half of the canvas :P

Here's the final look:


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I love the way you added the brown background, the colours on the book was amazing, the cute flower pot too was cool. All round it was amazing, I Just felt like I couldn't get more. Like it could continue. It's a lovely time lapse by the way.


Thanks! I'm glad you enjoy my time-lapse :)


You're welcome can't wait for the next one.


Thank you! :D


With pleasure!

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