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Greetings artists and art lovers

Welcome to my little art blog, I present a new video tutorial, where we will create a digital design using simply our Android phone or tablet, with the IBISPAINT X drawing program, I hope you can appreciate my art and enjoy the process, if you I like what I do your support will fill me with courage and motivation. To follow, a comment will always please the author. LET'S START ...

I hope you like it!

It is a pleasure to show you my art through a video, I hope that the next few minutes will be entertaining for you and that I can contribute something of value to the community and the facilities of the 3Speak platform


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Friend watching video explains us step by step how you create today's illustration, which is great, I see that you really like the Silver or White color in the hair in the style of the Targaryen of GOT, I also like it a lot, I think it looks like brother, also good combination in the color of the skin and you left me without words in the eyes. Good job as always. Greetings!


White is my favorite, I want to dye my hair silver ..

My expert artist bro always glad to see your art, keep it for your goal peak.i am always enjoy when see your vlog about art.
Waiting your next art
Thanks yr for your contribution

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Thank you for always being aware of my drawings greetings 🤗

this creation made me remember an anime character I saw since I was little, the girl with white hair of evangelion hehe, very good friend excellent digital creation, advancing little by little, the detail of the forehead is really very good, continue with your good work giving us works of art of embergaduro, greetings


Thank you for your good comments, of course in advance to be better at what passionate friend greetings 🤗

Your ability to use brown colors is awesome I mean at the way you finished the job on the face. Totally amazing, as always I love the way you turn the sketch into something amazing, love the eyes and the work done on the hair was even the master class. welldone


Hey thank you very much I'm glad you like my job, thanks for your constant visits 😎

This girl is very delicate and has a beautiful face. You gave a shape to the hair expectacular both in the gray color and in the model in fall forward. The green eyes are eye-catching and make the look more interesting. The volume of the lips is very nice with a color that wastes passion. It is a pleasant pleasure to always enjoy the whole process in your videos and your love and passion for this art form that we love so much, for creativity and originality. I like very much that nice detail and elegant in the part of his forehead. Congratulations on your great work. A strong embrace with much affection and happiness.


Thank you for your good comments my friend, I like this area of art and practice daily to achieve good results in the future 🤗