Fat Protocol Theory: Why I Invest in Crypto Protocols Over Applications

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I'm back! And in this video, I'll be sharing a clip from my Crypto Investing course where I explain why I choose to invest in protocols over applications in the crypto world.

It all comes down to something called the Fat Protocol Theory, which I explain in the video as well.

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A shared Data layer and speculative attachment? Hmm I like this I think when people can basically utilize these protocols, make some money by being speculative on services and blockchain stuff it's cool and over time the process of usage to these protocols might bring value. Wow you don't say. I think the whole thing is still hazy to me and I'm definitely trying to process, thanks for the wonderful Video.

@louisthomas, Many have their unique experiences in regards to why they switched towards the Crypto Space. Some people made millions with $500 Investments, that means for some it was dream come true.

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I think maybe because the market of crypto protocols will grow faster than the combined value of the applications. Have a nice day, sir.

Everybody knows that crypto is the future. Only the ignorant are suffering from it. Crypto is the future

That's a interesting perspective man . Good to see you post after some days! Keep up the work!

Thanks for this post.