Do Crypto Exchanges Have Too Much Influence?


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Oliver Palak asks "Do you think exchanges like Binance are becoming too influential?"

Here's my response!

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As of now yes! Exchanges like Binance hold a large amount of every cryptocurrency from it's users. They are now a super representative of Tron. They can pretty much do it with most other crypto currencies by asking their users to stake their cryptos. But this will decrease over time with the rise of DEX

I say no. Their influence is limited. Especially as technologies come along that eliminate the need for them.


That's a good point! The more popular DEXs become, the less important the centralised ones will be :)


Yeah especially with AtomicSwaps, Airswaps, stuff like and etc. I think it's only a matter of time before exchanges become obsolete. Their only purpose left would be for a fiat onboard really.

I’m waiting for great Dexs to come in the future. People like CZ reminds me of Jamie Dimon (Demon) from JP Morgan 😂

Absolutely Yes... I feel it is simply part of the Game.... Those at the top will always control the stream of water at the bottom, the cycle of life....