Lessons I Learned Investing in Litecoin

6개월 전

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In this clip from my recent livestream, I share the lessons I learned investing in Litecoin.

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Litecoin is the right coin , hopefully. Thanks mike

@louisthomas. I really do enjoy your videos on crypto. I've checked your blog, but couldn't find any one where you talked extensively on "STEEM"... Your perspective and where you see STEEM in the nearest future . If you've made a video on it before, please share me the link. I'd really appreciate it. Thanks and have a wonderful weekend ahead✌

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I couldn't agree more. Lol, I like the being a mother example you gave at the end of the video. Thanks for this wonderful video @louisthomas

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Thanks man! I think the mother analogy is helpful with explaining the idea 😄

Capturing and creation of value in the cryptosphere, it's definitely an interesting phenomenon that you pointed out really.

Sold all my litecoin when charlie Lee sold it all in 2017. I just like bitcoin better 😂

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Smart move! Wish I did the same


Kinda... I put it in a lot of other shit coins and they lost more value 😂😂😅

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@louisthomas, Good to know that Litecoin is your preferable Investment.

In this video one aspect is addition to my Knowledge and that is Litecoin Technology is helping Bitcoin Ecosystem.

Keep up the good work and thank you for sharing your opinions and experiences with us. Stay blessed.

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Litecoin is one of the best coins besides bitcoin. I think it's very good if we also invest in litecoin besides bitcoin which is useful as a coin diversification

Appreciate the wisdom

I'm holding Litecoin still after the sell-off after the halvening. Don't know if it is a good move or not, but i think it's worth waiting

Value created and value captured are two different things. This is very important concept in crypto currency. Thanks. A great lesson I learnt from your video. How does this apply to the steem price?

Litecoin does not look too bad vs BTC though..it's at the lows..historically it usually bounced around this level . I think it will always be the silver of crypto and most likely will revisit some of the more recent ATH ..

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