Bought More ETH - Here's Why


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I've been investing in more crypto again. And this time, it's been exclusively ETH.

In this video, I explain why.

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Ethereum is one of the many coins I hold, I don’t know if you have ever done any research on Apollo currency ? If you have I be very interested in your opinion . Thanks mike


CoinCheckup gives Apollo an Algo score of 4.5/5 i.e. rank#3....which speaks for itself. Apollo is a new kid on the block with interesting tech, especially anonymity and its own dex... cant get these with BTC! They have achieved SHARDING - who else in cryptoland does this? They also propose Atomic swaps greatly enhancing privacy. DYOR folks it is VERY interesting.


It’s nice to hear from someone else concerning Apollo currency apart from a few others you don’t hear to much about it hopefully this will change. Thanks mike

Well. I think it's a good buy. It was around $192 today. Who knows? it might break it's 6months resistance level at $350 before January 2020.

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Ethereum is a very good pick to purchase in these prices for the reason that it will surely be influenced by the BTC price movement alone because of the BTC halving event alone.

Your conviction in Etheruem is admirable. I partially believe that it is in part possible because you ahve already seen tremendous growth from when you bought in (you are an earlier adopter essentially). I really struggle to see how Eth maintains value given a long enough horizon given the inflationary nature of PoW.

I liek what ethereum has to offer. I would really like to hear you talk about the classic "ethereum fud" and you make a video responding to it. If youd be interested, we could collab. I really want to be a believer, im just very skeptical. would love to discuss.

I hope it is as profitable as possible, I still don't understand certain things, but its publications help me gradually understand the world of cryptocurrencies. Thank you very much :3

Yes ... I think this is the right time to buy ETH, because the price is falling.

@louisthomas should I buy it around $198 or wait for a short pullback to around $185 to buy?

Can't go wrong investing in ETH. I've been trying to stock up more since BitPay will be supporting it now too which is a nice plus if I ever need to cash some out.

I kind of split my money between ETH and EOS as far as DApp platform coins go.

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Great timing!