Bakkt Nerves: Does Crypto Market Have "PTSD" After CME Futures Launch?

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Bakkt is launching in a matter of days, marking one of the biggest events in Bitcoin's history.

Yet there's barely any hype about it, especially compared to the anticipation preceding the launch of CME futures in 2017.

Could it be that the market is failing to appreciate just how bullish physically settled futures are for the price?

Could it also be that the market is somewhat traumatized from what happened following the launch of CME futures, which essentially marked the end of the bull market and the beginning of the vicious 2018 bear market?

Or is it just not that big of a deal?

That's what we'll be discussing in this video.

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My perspective is , it isn't PTSD of the CME Futures. But not so many of the crypto influencers are speaking about it a lot. That's the reason why the amateurs aren't excited about it . From the Institution POV they always keep it silent but continue doing things in the background . Bakkt isn't just a one day event , so even though people aren't excited about it right now. Once it comes people will realize how bullish it actually is !

Obviously. We're gonna see a hike in price very soon. I really like the part where you call our attention to the amount of BTC in circulation right now. We're almost at 18M already. 3M to go. I'm so excited right now😀. Even a newbie can guess what's gonna happen to price on the medium and long run.

I believe Bakkt launching soon will spearhead the massive rise in price. It's very obvious

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In my opinion bakkt isn't really anticipated with all outstretched arms because it's really not going to change a thing about the bear market and Bitcoin holders are hoping for something that'll change the market for them. I do feel bakkt isn't jinxed, it's just the mentality and the current effect of the market really.

I recently watched a video on YouTube teeka tiwari was getting interviewed on London real he believes Bakkt will be a big event and mentioned that the is a lot of big players getting ready.
Hopefully we will all see good things down the road. Thanks mike

Always sell on the news right? 😂

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The fact that settlement is in bitcoin itself should help rather than the pure derivative cash settlement of the others we have seen.

also you are absolutely right it is not being given enough credit but thats their design
they control a 170 trillion fiat US dollars
one percent of that takes the crypto market almost ten times to where it is now lol
enjoy the ride people

i think its a huge deal but they are keeping it hush hush so they can all get in and then start hyping everything up to get the people in on it
if youve been in this for a while already you are laughing since your in before wall street ICE baakt exchange
nice post bud

I have been a long time follower of thia guy.

Now that i see his post got only under 100$ it feels like " that moment that you realize steemit is not gonna make it, or is not worth it".

Thanks for this post.