SteemSavvy Founder Interview - Best Place to Learn Steem!

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@jongolson is a great guy I met at SteemFest3 in Krakow. Let's talk about his crypto journey and his efforts for educating the brand new crypto users.

Some links covered in this video:

Thanks for watching, see you at SteemFest4!

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Awesome interview. I hadnt even heard of steem savvy but it sounds really cool. Its an awesome idea to teach new users about the platform by breaking the information into smaller chunks because I agree that cryptocurrencies in general are confusing and overwhelming when you first start out. This is an awesome project to help new users. Ill have to check out their site. Even through ive been on steemit for 2 years now, I'm sure ill learn something new as well.

I like the part in the begining where you say that "the learning curve is a bitch" (or something like that). Yep, yep it is hahaha.

This is what we need as much as anything. My wife was just telling be about how she doesn't understand Steem and whenever she hears about it, she glazes over. It's what kept me away for a while before I started and I consider myself a crypto nerd.

It's not that complicated once you get it, but how do we make it easy to digest for those that don't even really care about how it works?

Good luck in this. I'll support you as much as possible.

Hey great show I can safely say that what Jon has and is doing with steemsavvy
is great. Not only am I a member who is just learning about steem.He really walks you through step by step..Great job to both of you guys!

Great show and I can contest to the fact that SteemSavvy is a great program and gets better every week.

Great show, great owner. Nice hearing what is he doing at steemsavvy. It is great.

Thanks very much @nicholaslive, that is a great initiative shared here. I really enjoyed the video.

Once again.... You proved yourself best host.

Thanks for hanging out today man. Appreciated the talk and the opportunity!

Congratulations @nicholaslive!
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@nicholaslive, Without any doubt @jongolson putting lot of efforts to make this Ecosystem more flexible because STEEMSAVVY is Knowledge Transfer platform and it will prove boosting space when it comes to new users.

Keep up and have a blessful time ahead.

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