I Think The Downvote Trail Do Not Affect Delegation Of Steem Power For Votes In The Newsteem

28일 전

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The hardfork 21 and the Newsteem specifically tackled on buying votes from bidbots using our steem which as a result affected the OldSteem. But, I do not think they made emphasis specifically on Delegating our power for communities or scribes for upvotes. I also have the view that delegating steem power for communities or scribes for upvotes is another segment of buying bidbots, since one can converts Steen into Steem power and delegate for votes.

On this note, if that is not so, then the Newsteem sees delegation of Steem Power to Communities or Scribes as helping them to curate more on steemians work. This call for discussion in 3Speak. You are welcome, Ladies and Gentlemen!

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