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Yo man! I seem to pick interest in your content, you're straight and sharp. Pinpointing the matters that needs to be dealt with. It cool to rant about MotherF**king situations always.

Yeah sometimes people are knowingly wanting to offend you so they can Call you names really, that's quite a long drive from you and let me guess you're British? Glad you're enjoying @threespeak

First of all I will like to welcome you into the future itself. Ranting about something and at the end you saw banned everywhere just took you more higher and it made you stayed better.

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This is cool. At first I was first thinking what is LGBT banner because it is somehow new to me

Your topic are clear and state. I like the way you talk about this. While you driving the voice is little bit not clear but you find a great way to record video for this platform

I really starting like you all content your are really clear in your words. No doubt you are right. Sometimes it is to high to handle it. This platform is giving voice to people love to see that.
The community support to #freespeech is high high love to see that

You can't be oppressed. You're a white bloke. You've gotta be a homosexual to be a special snowflake.

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I'm so glad that I'm not subjected to this PRIDE shit all over the workplace. We're getting close to the end thank you Jesus!

wow what a excellent review . thanks

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That's great news. please follow my post @threespeak you great man like it... best of luck