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Hey Guys,

I'm back here with another video for you all and in this video I've shared the promotional video which I made for STEEM itself. I made it a couple of months ago and I really want you guys to have a look at thi one if you haven't already.

It took me a lot of time to make this up as well as I did tried my best to highlight our blockchain and squeeze it into a small video and making it attractive too.

Please share this one with others :)

Thanks For Watching !

I'll be back with another video soon :)


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Great video about steem. But we have more applications here. I watched it again and again to find 3speak, but didn't find it. It will be good if there will be a version promoting steem with @threespeak as well. Both @dtube and @thresspeak are cool platforms and people from outside steem should know about them both. Dtube is mostly for vlogging and people who like videography and at the same time it's decentralized. But at the same time 3speak is also special and supports freedom of speech and oboarding a lot of people to steem now. Plus I like the competition here. I was always challenging myself to record daily videos on dtube and I did it and now I'm challneging myself to be in the top in 3speak and I'm working hard for it.

That's my feedback about this video.

Thanks for promoting steem to the world. ☺


Oh man..

I mentioned in the description that I made this a couple of months ago as well as I tried to squeeze in a short duration. At that time 3speak wasn't there. I'm aware that there are more than 320 Dapps ( mentioned in the video as well )

I do know 3speak is really a great platform, and I did made a dedicated promotional video for it as well

This one is an old one just wanted it to kinda republish it :)


Yeah, I've seen that. I mean you could always edit the video and add @threespeak there. I always edit the old videos to make them actual. I think I'm just giving you a good advice my friend. ;)

Really great video. You said in your video in 2016 there were 15 million steem users. Then how many users are there now, is it increasing or decreasing?


Thanks a lot dear. Yeah, the figure is just an estimate, STEEMIT themselves officially announced that they've crossed a million user mark last year. So probably it is on the rise !!

Congratulations @steemer-sayu907!
You raised your level and are now a Minnow!

Vote for @Steemitboard as a witness to get one more award and increased upvotes!

Wao!, that is a very nice video for inviting people to our blockchain community. Keep your great work!


Thanks Man !

Yeah, That's the only intent with this one :)

I'm glad you liked it mate :)

From watching this, one could know that you definitely did this months ago but not taking away the fact that it's cool, the best thing would be to share it on Twitter and Facebook and even reddit so that the promotion can extend to not us alone. Welldone brother always thinking of steem


Yeah, man I did it a while ago but still I guess it is worth being seen and shared and I did upload it on 3speak now :)

I'm glad you liked it bro! Yup, It can be shared on the social media and a bit of attention can be easily attracted :)

#steem on !