Kindly Support My SPS Proposal On Steem To Set Up A Macrohard Hub For Programmers In The Philippines. 15 Million SP Combined Vote Needed!!!


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For once i have to start coming out. It is the least i can do. It is one option to exhaust. I have to relegate reservations and exercise more freedom. I have to do this especially since i cater to my dad now. It has been tough. There are solutions though and you can help.

Read my proposal here:

Support My SPS Proposal To 'Set Up A Macrohard Hub In The Philippines To Gather Programmers To Code On Steem With Swag'.

To vote on my proposal via steemconnect, kindly click here.

Or vote using keychain here

Don't forget to vote the 'steemgigs' witness as well.

Your boy Terry

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Hello @surpassinggoogle sir done,go ahead always with you

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Thank you. You have been present lately. Are you on

We can do a talk soon


Yes I am on marlians. Thanks.

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@surpassinggoogle, You are going harder and trying harder and pray that your efforts will going to attain State Of Fruition brother. Stay blessed and blessings of light is with you brother.

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