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I must say that the team over @threespreak is really onto something. They are pushing their platform ahead and building a business that will benefit the entire Steem platform.

One of the things I love about that project is the intention to, eventually, have it as a DAO. The idea is for the founders to eventually get their seed money out and let the community own the platform. This is what tokenization offers. Of course, I would expect the original parties to hold a fair bit of SPEAK tokens aligning their goals with that of the community.

At the same time, since they are STEEM holders, they also benefit from any progress that is given to the entire ecosystem.

Yesterday, there was an article posted by the Threespeak account that detailed their next move to onboard users.

Anyone who follows the project knows they are targeting displaced content generators by YouTube and Facebook. These people are having their accounts closed without recourse leaving many of them with a significant hit to their incomes. Also, in many instances, although the companies won't admit it, the ban is an effort to silence their voices. Failure to align with a certain perspective is obviously grounds for banning.

Now, the team is putting together an approach to try and onboard more users. It is one thing to get the content creators but the key is to get their followers. Growing anything one user at a time takes forever. However, if that one user can be leveraged into thousands, then it makes things a lot easier.

The concept is a rather simple one. Threespeak is going to use its vote to reward based upon involvement with the video. Thus, they are going to start upvoting based upon not only view but, also, number of comments. The videos that have the most engagement are going to get the highest upvotes.

This is a fairly obvious thing to do yet is easy to overlook. The power behind it is enormous though. It is a simple act that provides incentive to the content creators to do what they can to get their followers over to Threespeak (Steem).

We need to consider there are people out there with millions of followers. Naturally, not all of them are active so we can probably reduce that number by 80% or more. However, even a couple hundred thousand followers is a nice pool to tap into.

Here we see a move that should help the onboarding of new users. While the individual follower might not have a great interest in Steem, he or she could be willing to help out. Thus, when asked, that person might leave a comment each day to help the content creator.

As an aside, I am going to have to start leaving some more comments through the Threespeak platform. There are a number of video creators on there I follow and should help them also.

To me, this is where the power of Steem comes in. We have dozens of applications that have the ability to reach out and draw in users. Innovation and creativity is coming from all of them which, ultimately, can lead to exponential growth. A couple of successful campaigns by the DApps could yield significant results.

Threespeak certainly is a project to watch. This is not financial advice but it is a token that I want to get my hands on when it is available. It could be one that does really well over time.

For now, we can only hope they get this feature implemented by the end of the year.

To read the full announcement by Threespeak:


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Threespeak has the ideals of decentralization and being censorship free. This is where every youtube blogger / producer should be posting to without worry. I only hope those who censor don't focus on blockchains such as this one to silence the hidden majority.

I love 3speak!

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3speak is def. something interesting to watch.