[Gaming] Gods Unchained Live Streaming Test

27일 전

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Playing some Gods Unchained while testing 3Speak's new Live streaming feature.

I am thinking about doing a live stream event tomorrow night, but I wanted to test the feature out first before doing it. It seemed to work really well.

There is no audio for the first couple minutes until someone joined and then I turned on the audio and the mic. The recording doesn't show the chat so you will only hear one side of the conversation.

▶️ 3Speak

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Glad to see your livestream sir,i am Trying make livestream but not able to done it.
So i am happy when to see another friends make this things.
Thanks sir for your good contribution.

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Threespeak has a live stream gaming feature now? I'm there!


Yup. Been testing it as I want to start doing live streams again. It also has recording. They partnered with Vimm.


Not so interested in the recording part, but I do like to stream from an alt account. Vimm has been okay, but threespeak seems like a larger platform.