[Gaming] Let's play Legend of Grimrock II

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Let's Play Legend of Grimrock II

I beat the first Legend of Grimrock but never got around to playing the second. It is a fantastic dungeon crawler game with the old school dungeon master vibe. If it is like the first one, combat gets really challenging and there are a lot of complex puzzles you need to solve as you dive deeper into the dungeon.

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This is a bit of a cult classic, I'll have a look later as I'm at work now.

Oh I really miss my gaming life since I joined steemit. Kind of I was a game addict then but now, I guess I have repented partially or should I say not enough time again. But gaming will always fun to me

Game reminds me of Hansel and Gretel with a touch of classic movie games wow look at the graphics and the on screen point of view wow, I think I love the @threespeak playing format for the video.

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