Proof Of Brain, Let's Talk About It

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It's not about the little trickle of inflation out from the dam. It is about breaking the dam hodling us back.

I am not so concerned with maximizing my rewards every time, sometimes I am early to a post, set a 30min timer on my phone so I remember to upvote it, just to give honest curators better rewards.

I have been 100% manual with my upvotes and downvotes since the new EIP was put into place.
I want to see a shift and change in the culture of Steem. I want people to see they don't need to buy votes, and how doing so destroys proof of brain.

We are already seeing the trend move. OCDB is switching to full manual organic curation. Platforms that encourage curators are what will really make Steem catch fire; 3Speak is committed to this goal.

SMTs are branches and Steem is the tree.

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I want to see a shift and change in the culture of Steem. I want people to see they don't need to buy votes, and how doing so destroys proof of brain.

Amen to that.

Great to hear your passion and enthusiasm as always.

Also, great to hear your ethos about making the platform as fun and rewarding for everyone as possible. It's the way forward and I've been saying for nearly a year that it's the only way to bring back many who've left, and build a better steem for those still to join us.

I know I've been critical in the past, and that criticism has always come from a place of wanting to see steem succeed. I've also commented somewhere - can't remember where - about the risk of nullifying steems reward mechanism with SMT communities. I'm not even sure where I land on that anymore. I can see that even if that becomes the case, steem token will still have demand (leasing SP and RC's for community and business interests who want to leverage SMT tokens/communities) but I don't want to see it go the way of no proof of brain on steem.

I can kind of see a future where the people creating content (that earns high rewards) on steem become less, and the new onboarded masses gain most of their rewards from the SMT token that's attached to the community they produce content on. But as you point out - and lukestokes made the comparison with Eos - without people/stake active on steem (voting witnesses as well as making content) who keeps steem's governance structure functioning?

It's for that reason, and others, I'm definitely of the mind that we need to keep pushing steem as a place where people can create, curate and have some fun interacting with people all over the world, and be rewarded for that. This is the dream! This basic functionality of steem is the apple hanging from the tree. It is the USP... whatever you wanna call it. It's the thing that is nowhere on internet 2.0... a truly unique system that the vast majority of the world don't even know exists.

Lol, the steem dream I need to write a post about 😉

If we forked the voting out of steem in an attempt to boost some other functionality and let all the reward mechanism go to SMT communities, it would be like spending three years hand carving and polishing a gem, then throwing it in the trash because there are one or two flaws.

Anyway, I'm down with #newsteem now. I've had my head turned around by what has happened with getting rid of crap on trending and the massive reduction of bidbot use. And even more impressed with some bidbots turning to manual curation to help support content creators while earning from curation rewards for their delegators. It's a brave New world 🙂

P.s. I love your analogy about the tree and the branches

@theycallmedan, SMT's are Branches, Steem is Tree and Steemians are Roots. And manual Curation is the real beauty because it's adding that human essence and it shows the Organic Consumption Trend. Keep up the good work brother and stay blessed.

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Excellent, I agree. I'm glad that proof of brain is starting to work again, it is the core feature of the system really and without it most things fall apart. I wish more people would grasp that. I am currently planning a new app that is in alignment with what you are saying here.. I have no ETA though. :)

Thought about this recently as well. On the one hand, I'm in favor of reducing the inflation and making Steem harder to get once SMTs are around. (@exyle made a video about it today) But on the other hand, the 16% inflation (excl. SBD conversion) is really not much in comparison to the 90%+ value loss we had over the last 1-2 years. But anyway, good to have such an optimistic voice as yours in these times. Highly appreciated!

And just some quick feedback: your endings feel a bit too abrupt and harsh to mee (I'l kill it here. Cheers. Bye) in comparison to the extremely deep main topics.


I think the inflation fall rate will surprise people, like when the first snows come in the winter - every year. I also think that in a few years from now it might be sped up.

And just some quick feedback: your endings feel a bit too abrupt and harsh to mee (I'l kill it here. Cheers. Bye) in comparison to the extremely deep main topics.

Do you want a cuddle after? :P

I totally agree that we have to become the owner of our debt and make those changes to get things to change. Curation is a very good thing that enables us to appreciate what others share.

I feel like you definitely have the right attitude with your preference for creating value over simply extracting it. Lots of people believe that all the value from STEEM comes from the reward pool, and that just isn't true. Who wants to keep stacking inflationary tokens that keep sliding down in value? We need people to come arrive and be so confident, they rush to exchange to buy some stake on the platform.

I have tremendous respect for the folks that have grinded out a stack of inflationary STEEM, but we need demand for all the liquid STEEM out there. If you're here and haven't picked up a little off the exchange at these prices, why not?

I am eagerly waiting for SMT and curation is the key now. Manual curation was needed to be honest for undervalued quality content creators. I still remember how you have spent your precious time on manual curation and really this balance was needed between curators and content creators...

Stay blessed and really appreciate what you do for this blockchain...

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I think that PoB is going to expand massively and include much more than just Steem Power eventually. I think I should write something about it :)

Strong philosophies and vision, as ever. Always enjoy your commentary on this ever changing crypto space.
I'm going to start using 3Speak :)


I applaud very much that you take your manual upvotes, devote your beautiful time to see, read and feel each post.

Already feels a change in our Steemit, feels a positive change and I hope it remains so.

With the HF forces every community to reinvent and adapt, it is interesting for me to appreciate these changes, since my beginnings in Steemit were during an HF.

But this one in particular, was tidy, very well thought out, very well planned.

The Steem platform works efficiently since then, I think the Proof Of Brain keeps the ecosystem as it should be in the fair distribution of rewards to the creators of original content. It makes us more selective.

It was a pleasure to listen to you and say hello.

Jajajaj! you distracted me several times, with your playing with the mouse during the video.

''I want to see a shift and change in the culture of Steem. I want people to see they don't need to buy votes, and how doing so destroys proof of brain.''
As a content creator it is sometimes discouraging to see that your work doesn't even reach a small audience, I don't even mention rewards ... and then you have to give yourself a psychological boost (I'm just talking about myself here) so you can have motivation to continue and I use bidbots.


That is a problem everyone has. It took me a while before anyone noticed my stuff on quora. I would spend days making content that got no views, no money.
Bid bots are not the answer. Bid bots destroy organic curation and make it unfair to everyone else not using bid bots. How would you feel if you worked on something for days, and your work gets pushed down in your tag because of people bid botting content? That isn't fair for the people not botting. Plus bid bots take from our inflation allocation, hurting everyone else.
Converting to bid bots because you feel your work should be seen is a dick move IMO (unless you burn some Steem, paid votes offer ROI), it is selfish and hurts all the other stake hodlers. Just play the game fair and let the chips fall where they may, the cheat does on Steem have been nulled.

You have been trying your best to make this community the best hat's off !

I think the transformation of @smartsteem from a regular bid bot to an awesome manual curation team is one of the greatest examples of the change from the Old Steem to the New Steem :) OCD are also manually curatin now. Exciting times ahead!

We are in the building stage! Steem puttin' in that work in 2019! 2020 will be our year! :)

I have been manual curating since day one as well as Commenting on them. It's just second nature for me. Hope more will Follow. Thanks Dan for all you do

i think you are right.

And with SPS we have a strong Tool.

But i always think, the average Internet user does not want to have a long and heavy password.

We have the advantage of easy usernames to other blockchains.

Apart from keychain, we also need other options for end users. So the entry is easy and fun.

Maybe a hardware wallet or soft key application ( give the different keys, different permissions and generate a new key, like a active key can transver only 5sbd in 24h with a easy passwort) .

I think with SPS we can solve those Problem and Steem (WEB 3.0) will be a huge success.

Steemit will soon be the place for all innovative people and once we get more attraction steemit will grow massively

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..thank you for this..surely as a poor little steemian (poor and steemian shouldn’t be had to use in one phase, but sometimes somebody...) I m caring about how to increase my rewards, looking forward to see an ‚1‘ on the left of the comma, but it s a thing of honour and about respect, being true and fairness to upvote by oneself. Steemit is more than just a thing of money, if I m understanding the philosophy behind. Otherwise I m sure it could be possible having bots for everything, even posting and taking pictures. Also ok, but it have to be clear. And don’t forget the Power of real users. Hope that I understand it right. And that you understand also me!..up..steem on!

I hope that the changes will be beneficial in the long term, many of those who have just arrived are discouraged by the low rewards that are now offered due to HF changes, but I am glad that OCDB is beginning to heal manually, it is a great incentive for Hispanics, I just saw some friends who have already benefited from them :)

Why cant i post a video on 3speak?
Could that be possible in the future?

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  1. 69 EOS BP get shared the 1% yearly inflation at the moment.
  2. Nobody ever got a bitcoin for free, mining cost electricity.

Bitcoins were handed out freely for a long time. After that they were basically free, IE 10k bitcoins for a few pizzas.

Yes, what I meant was the top 21 bps on EOS get significantly more then non consensus BPs. Since the BPs are voting each other in, the longer they stay in the top 21, the more powerful they become. If they manage a spot in the top 21 for a few years and the disconnect will be very big, compound that over 5-10 years and you have a failed voting system owned by cartels.

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