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  ·  2년 전

Another point to keep in mind regarding the gold and silver price is that the futures (paper) market has been used for years (if not decades) to suppress the price. The price would be MUCH higher if the manipulation wasn't happening.

I've been stacking Bitcoin even while I invest in alts. Since it will be the entry point for any alts its always good to have a position in BTC. The way I see it I've invested in alts that either has a functioning dapp or have some sort of play that no one is targetting after doing a bunch of research.

I don't have to be right about all of them If 1 survives out of the many I've invested I think i'd still be okay with what I've done in this market. Since its still in its infancy I think a lot of people are expecting too much of this tech too soon. People left during the crash and pulled their money we see a lot of alt projects die and thats normal

The real work has been done during these winters if you want to see a well-run crypto project check how active their github is during the last few months.

I've told people many times that many coins will seem dead during accumulation. In contrast Steem has way more daily 24h volume than it did during the last bear market and is probably one of the few with no fake volume on exchanges. So you are absolutely right when you say it is really difficult to time the market, not only will it move fast once it does but there won't even be much Steem to be sold.

Definitely beautifully done Dan, in my opinion this is the aspect we are looking at, the value resides not in the money but the value resides in the time we put into Steem, I believe value flaunctuates really and why we can't say steem is really Dead, we believe true value is like energy and it can never be destroyed. Truth is, the fear factor makes people unable to acknowledge this factor but deep down we have the resources that directly proves that steem qualifies as a sleeping giant that's sleeping but yet growing in strength. We aren't stagnation. Far From it. At the end, Total belief in steem is what counts the most. Amazing video again. Dan. This is really what we need after this HF21

You love them analogies. lol. You really love them. haha


I used to have trouble explaining my thoughts so I resulted to analogies. Now they are just apart of the way I communicate.


If it works, it works.

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@theycallmedan, Still there is lack of Knowledge towards Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Space and in these kind of situations for sure Steem is sleeping giant and it will take effective time to see the real adoption but it's just not about the Steem all giant companies and projects gone through from the long journey to reach where they are today. Let's hope that soon masses will wake up. Stay blessed brother.

I had to siri that intro song: Everything or Nothing. 😂 Once again, you are the voice of reason. Good stuff man!

I remember before Steemit I had to play like freerolls on sealswithclubs or just do 30 min surveys to get like 1000 satoshi, and in July 2016 I heard about Steemit, and even though I did not know how to blog I still saw an opportunity and have been pleading Steemit/Steem to be more than just a blogging site, which is far behind us now! I am very excited about the future of Steem!! #NewSteem

Even when you point people to what is taking place, they still do not want to believe it. I see so many coming back with their canned replies about what is going on here. To them, this place is crap, a loss, going to zero, or whatever the mantra of the day is.

I am like you, accumulating. There is so much taking place and a lot of value being build. Markets are always slow to realize it.

  ·  2년 전

Lets Say, Giant is Born and Learned to Breath, Wait for tomorrow Giant will learn to walk, run and break things on its path.


Build. Head down. Grind. Look at the day to day activity here. My engagement on my blogs are going up....Not down.

This is the place to be and I have not doubted that for one second ever.

You are so right man...the difference between sleeping and being dead is huge and if everyone does their research they will eventually join the steem horde....yet unless someone is a serial investor I don't really expect people to do their homework...I mean the average Tom....

I found out about steem by "accident"...loved it...and stayed...and planning to stay till the end of days....

So we also need to onboard average users and make them love this place...

Hope this doesn't sound like a rant

Have a great one mate!


HF 23 (barring anything unforeseen) should make onboarding much easier with light accounts and RC delegation, SMTs lots coming.

To address the frustration. Value and price are not related. Steem provides lots of value, but doesn't capture any of it in its price. It has a high inflation, and the company behind it selling, while not trying to implement sinks through advertising or power-downs, bidbots, whatever.

Value and price will only be related when mass adoption comes. When you get millions of user signing up and needing RCs, yes the price will go up. But we are so far from this day then it doesn't even matter.

Do you see blockchain becoming mainstream in the next 5 years? I don't. Let alone steem, the coin ranked 80. When we speak of value all I think about is 20 years down the line.

In the meantime, all that remains is marketing and hype (sadly), and sinks. We need a sink. RCs are a sink yes, but users will come whenever they want, we can't force them, and it's probably in a very long time.

I am confident that people will realize that, and if it's not Steemit, Inc that does it, a random guy with an SMT will have a good sink and show everyone the wonders.

We just need one example, one big break. One company reaching millions that uses Steem in a good way, and it's game over. I'll take that bet everyday.

Especially when you realize that competing with Steemit, Inc is almost impossible now.


blockchains are already becoming mainstream. Every big company in the world has blockchain plans. Public blockchains that offer immutability and censorship-resistant will be in higher and higher demand.
The thing is we don't have a choice, every company has been hacked on some level, pretty soon if you get hacked and aren't using blockchain, you can be sued. This revolution will happen because it is being forced to happen. I say in 5 years we won't recognize the web, and if Steem didnt make it big by then, some other blockchain stepped up and provided more value.
Rank has zero to do with anything, liquidity does, however. Liquidity is what Steem needs and that comes from demand.


I don't think we can talk of 20 year horizons with internal tech. And when change happens, it happens much faster. It's only just over 20 years since buying stuff online became mainstream (when did you first buy from Amazon, I ordered books in the UK from the USA in 1997 and Amazon will still show me that transaction in 3 clicks) but that involved huge and violent physical change in the real world... and look at all the malls going out of business now.

Something enabled by a pure computer tech change is going to be quite different.

I think you're exactly right about the big break: maybe it'll be a mobile game, maybe it'll be the #CryptoClassAction lawsuit I'm working on or some other Black Swan event and who knows which chain it'll be on. I'm with @theycallmedan here though, I haven't done his level of research, but what he's saying makes sense.

I enjoyed hearing your opinions, thanks for the upload :)

hmmm, big difference, between dead and asleep?
Reminds me of my prom in High School.

Yeah ... you're right Dan, steem is a sleeping giant. One day he will wake up to rule the world.

The giant is about to go in the full beast mode just wait for it ;)

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Clicked for the Dragon, stayed for the insight. :)

I love this shit!! Good shit!!

I believe steem will be in top just with patience steem will be on top if it's peak again.

Amazing video!
Steem all the way.

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You don't want to wake the dragon do you? Actually si. lol

In all seriousness, cheers for the inspiring video, very helpful specially on a day where the fud was low-key getting to you!

Thanks for the vote.

You are absolutely right friend, there is a big difference between being dead and being asleep, STEEM currently sleeps, but when I wake up it will be very strong, it will be like a fierce animal that with its growl will say I have woken up, I am here ...

  • I trust steem and I will stay here, to see his great awakening ...
  ·  2년 전

You are right on that.
One of the reason I am still where and I pretty much have lost quite a bit of investment getting Steem to work with the community in Malaysia is because I believe in its potential.

Just too many FOMOs out there before doing real ground work research. Kudos to that!

Resteeming and up voting this. People gotta hear this.

@littlenewthings via DSES

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"In the pursuit of greatness, no matter what, there will be egg on your face" Awesome statement. Steem does have value, is a gem. It's obvious. Thank you for being so clear on it.

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Love to hear this kinda stuff. It pisses me off that people are just completely obsessed with price and what is the price doing, instead of what does this project bring to the table. I am in love with Steem for all the same reasons you are. I am loving to see all the apps and different communities being built on Steem! Keep it going and I will keep supporting!

So eloquently put. And rings so true

really hope so, we need some big investors like you who put in the time to stand behind this project