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Right at the end you said something that got my head to snap! You feel about Steem like an Indian feels about his land. This is the same as the way I explain why Jews are so determined to live in Israel: we're indigenous. If you want to know who is indigenous, look at who is building, who is cultivating, who is trying to clean up and make progress. They're the people who really feel for the land and won't be moved from it.

It's a very strong feeling once you feel that you belong somewhere. The history on websites is obviously not yet generational but I fully understand this feeling.

I'm acutely aware of all the online communities I've gone through, invested my time in, reaped some rewards or now feel cheated by (Facebook). The future, with tokenised communities, looks really good to me and maybe we will be talking about generational stakes in online property in the future! I've even got Steem accounts for both my kids already.

It's been a great ride following you from your early days of YT and Steemit. Always loved your enthusiasm, bits of wisdom and ability to stay calm when everyone is freaking out. :) Great to see you coming strong to this platform, I was always trying to encourage it with my minor trail from Curie.

Wow that was quite the video. That was a lot of questions to answer. AMA forums can almost be like opening a can of worms. "What have I gotten myself into!" Hahaha
Great work though. I think that the community appreciates it. I do for sure

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think i told this already but i do love your enthusiasm and the way you talk about whatever.

love dogs but always had cats, currently 2, dogs will love you unconditionally, cats are characters.

Thanks for the response man. Had to wait 58 mins until I saw my question on your screen :P but enjoyed all the answers you gave. And glad we are on the same page on both that t steem should be the reward token and that the 13 week period sucks and prevents wealthy people from powering up...

You said it have friends who have loads of steem yet they hesitate to power up...

Thank you very much for answering all of those questions!

Thanks for answering my question.

I definitely see a future where Steem can become the 'Wordpress of the Blockchain'. In fact I posted along those lines last month. It will be great to see more people homing in on that vision.

@theycallmedan, Thank you so much for responding and sharing your opinion and perspective towards Taxation in regards to Cryptocurrencies.

Absolutely, when Cryptocurrencies will become dominant and will earn more Liquidity then governments will going to put their giant hand into this space.

Your patience and efforts are appreciable brother. Stay blessed.

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My my! You spent at least 5 minutes answering one question if I'm not wrong, and one hour in totality? Wow That's not humane, that's robotic, I definitely scanned to where you mentioned my name and really took time to look. The ocd guys have told me not to buy to beat the curve and I killed that practice three days ago anyway.
Thanks for taking time to talk about how you made almost nothing in most videos and blogs like you said at one time we knew we had to make sacrifices immediately we had the new curve and I was conflicted, but you've generally suggested I burn steem to null if I want to be promotional and it beats me how you suggested that so nicely should have thought of it.
Well I know you like to watch more rather than read more I'll make my comment short by saying the Josediccus is fully pronounced and the J isn't silent since I'm not Spanish.

In essence thanks a million for clarifying this. I'm abiding by the New steem rules and promise to cultivate the right practices. Thanks a million Dan. Cheers!


Thank you for letting me know, I am pretty bad with reading names. I try though! lol. Cheers Josediccus

Oh nice, you're gonna be in Bangkok! I'm getting hyped, can't wait :D

I like how you think: riding till the end until reaching heaven or hell. I'm on that same boat with you, because Steem has become "bigger than life" for me, as cheesy as it sounds; no matter what happens, I already consider myself a winner. Riding the spiral all the way :)

Cheers, was an interesting Q&A session.

Do you think steem price will reach $10?

I agree, people(I included) tend to be a bit too hard on Ned but we gotta also give credit where it's due.

And the word of the day goes to, pumpementals.

Cheers for the informative talk, get well soonest.

Thank you @theycallmedan, sorry that I am late for commenting this post since I was waiting for it. Thank you once again for replying to our questions. I am much impressed about your answers!

That's really fun to listen all your answers bro. Thanks for answering my questions.

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Thanks for your reply. I'm glad you do only manual curation, that's really awesome from you. I just got a bit tired and I think if I will take a break, it will be good to autovote some great content creators and we have a lot of them here. Maybe when I will go to a vocation, I will set that, but for now, still doing manual curation as always.

Are you in favor of faster powerdown?

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No. I am in favor of a way to instantly cash out, whether that be burn fee or a 7 day mature on the stake.


Sounds reasonable. The price of STEEM is as volatile as it is partly because the liquid part of the supply is relatively small. Liquidity in general is too small in STEEM's case.

I really like your iron man costume!

Re: The 13 week deal

I hear from others it's the reason they vested. Don't you think the weekly power-down over this time has the potential add stability?

Thanks for stating you didn't send me the 202 STEEM - One more off the list!


I don't mind the 13 week TBH, but I would like a way to have a insta powerdown via burn.

Epic analogy about creating a statue underneath the ball and completing the hands just in time to catch it!


My question to @theycallmedan sir,
Why my steem power is slowly decreasing??? Advance thanks sir..

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yes, cheers back

The present steem price is not encourage can the will this make so many people lose hope in the blockchain

with the current down vote flagging scenario do you think steemit will survive for normal people who don't have much but still play a big role is this gonna be the end of a great community

How can I transfer steem power that is in my mind to my Steemit wallet?🤑


Lol. Hit your head on a brick wall for 10minutes... You'll see 10,000 SP in your wallet😂. 1000 SP for 1minute😂😁

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I want to know more about the #newsteem and how I can survive in it for the next 10years. Thank you sir.

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I have noticed that most people dont know about this block chain is there a special way to introduce ut to them

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