Attorney General Lied, The Judges Lied, The Press printed their lies.


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This is Political persecution for everyone to see!
Please help support the costs to appeal this sham conviction which they will attempt to send me to prison for on Thursday.

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On one hand I would fully expect the court agents to misrepresent reality in such ways - but on the other hand, since the world can scrutinise the activity, I would not expect them to do something so blatantly dishonest in plain view. I've had a look around for the court transcripts - are they available online?

I don't know the attorney general but I want to say that's a total misrepresentation of the law, if you're vividly addressing the media then I see no reason why they're gonna be retwisting the context and changing the perogative that's a totally infringing by all means.

Tommy, you have really done your part and I believe with the mouth piece from the crowd, we can win this case.

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