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Fascinating up close look at an unbelievable experience. I suppose you have to expect to be made an example of when you stand up to the law in that manor to incite a reaction from people rightfully going through the legal wringer.

Doesn’t make it right though. Love that you can use social media to make sure atrocities are brought to light rather than swept under the carpet.

It is a dangerous profession and I hope the exposure helps the cause!!

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Wow!, that is awesome and spectacular image displayed here!, for the image alone explain everything, the Police and Muslim are kicking against Tommy freedom of speech, while Tommy is trying to free himself.

The whole system is a corrupt travesty of 'justice'. I recall that it is often said that in legalese 'must' means 'may' - though I have never seen that fully proven to me.

There's no way out of this but to accept that artificial hierarchy and patriotism is part of the cause of such injustice. Only a situation absent of rulers can open the space necessary for balance.

Being a British citizen and someone who's had experience within real groups who try to uncover the truth of how our constitutional rights have been re-written, I can say with confidence that this "People's chump" has done nothing but try to divide the public and sabotage other peoples good work. The bloke's a shill and always has been a shill. Any group that actually manage to make ground in the UK suddenly get infiltrated by Tommy's gang and then labelled racists and subsequently ruined by the affiliation. If you want real news from the UK I'd advise anyone reading to tune into UKColumn.

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