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ThreeSpeak Video/Livestreaming Platform

ThreeSpeak is a great video/livestreaming platform for creators who are getting censored/deleted/banned/demonetized(right now it is invitation only). Information on how to sign up for ThreeSpeak here. Currently now they have some really great upvotes from their community to help creators get going who have been censored/demonetized previously. This is really nice of them to do and their goals are right in line with the #informationwar !!!



Palnet is a different front end that connect to the Steem blockchain AND have their own rewards system. When we go through and upvote posts for #informationwar be sure to include the tag #palnet. When you do this your posts will also receive the Curation Trail upvotes for Palnet + Steem! YOU HAVE TO HAVE THIS TAG IN ORDER TO EARN THE REWARDS. Palnet also has a very dedicated team who is working in making smart contracts/tokens/exchanges( named steemmonsters) and many other great things! I trust them much more than SteemitINC for making innovations and improvements. That is the primary reason why I sold most of my Steem and converted it into PalPower(about 4,500 currently).

Our 100% upvote from the Curation trail is about 5 Palcoins. We can upvote about 50 Palcoins worth per day! The split on Palnet is 50/50(curation/author rewards). So you are earning a lot in Palcoins by powering up your Pal! Everyone was air dropped those coins(Palcoin airdrop claim ended a few days ago though so you might have missed out on that). This is where you power up your coins/buy other coins/sell coins/etc!

Palnet link here

Please note that SteemLeo is only for investment posts, something I did not realize. See this post here for more details

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Ok. I changed my post to let people know it is only for investment use. I removed steemleo tag from the post and added your link to my post. Sorry about that.

I tried joining 3speak but was rejected. I guess my current censorship bans and demonitized profile on YouTube was too big for their service.

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You should reapply and let them know you were censored and demonetized.