Politics Is FUTILE Without THIS: Free Will & World Peace.


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Politics is the art/science of governing – which itself is ‘holding control over a government’ - which is to ‘hold control over people’. This is inherently imbalanced, since it is always the case that governments use a monopoly on violence to overpower anyone who they effectively choose to.

The degree to which they can do this depends on:

  1. the degree to which the court/police/military systems are corrupted
  2. the degree to which the average person goes along with it – whether consciously or otherwise.

People support politics because they have been taught to believe that it is in their best interests to do so – sometimes because they will get beaten if they don’t support politics or for more positive reasons, such as that they think they can gain something through it. However, in almost all cases, nearly everyone loses valuable things as a result of politics and the things they think they gain could have been gained in other ways without losing out what they really need to be keeping.

Both the points which define how much a political group can abuse others rely on:

  1. deception
  2. denials
  3. manipulation
  4. social engineering
  5. hierarchy
  6. heartlessness

Either the politicians are using these to manipulate other people or the people are doing this to themselves and each other (consciously or unconsciously).

The only way to have real balance – where balance is defined as ‘no person or thing is overpowering any other’ - we need to end these 6 dysfunctions. The result will be actual free will, which itself then leads to greater personal empowerment and peace.

If we don’t create real peace then we are stuck in a power struggle forever – with constant casualties and no real progress. Do you really think ANY real progress has been made in human history? REALLY? We have more advanced technology than we did in the last few thousand years – but setting aside the high probability that lost civilisations advanced their technology even further and were then destroyed – is technology really a sign of progression? When that technology is fundamentally being used to kill, maim and manipulate (see: smartphone spying, drone warfare, nuclear weapons, covert black projects, microwave warfare and on and on) – we haven’t really made any progress from the days of cavemen figuring out how to throw heavier rocks at each other.

The only real progress is one of real and felt balance. This requires an and to many features of society that we often take for granted and even think we cannot live without. What replaces them will be much better, provided we understand the full details and make the right decisions. The most fundamental of these is to set ‘respect for free will’ as the highest priority. If we respect each other’s free will, we aren’t overpowering anyone. The biggest challenge to this is that there many people who don’t care about others’ free will. However, if we do not give these people more power than they rightly have, then the problems can be resolved. Currently, we are typically giving such people a great deal of power – as can be seen via the recent case of Jeffrey Epstein.

How would this actually play out? It’s up to YOU! It’s up to YOUR FREE WILL!

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It’s interesting to see, especially in the US how people think/feel/believe that they’re free, and living in the most free country on earth - yet at the same time, they don’t respect the free will of others, which means they’re not practicing or respecting freedom at all.

The majority of society wants the government to make decisions. They also want to force decisions onto others (war, healthcare, abortion, taxes, etc.), all while clamoring on and on about how free they are. It’s quite ironic and hypocritical. What’s even worse is that all the ideals and beliefs these people hold are generally the ideas handed down by institutions, media, education, and the establishment as a whole. They’re brainwashed, overly-opinionated, under-informed, and close-minded. Generally, this is not their fault as we’re all products of the system and our cultures. Regardless, we’re regressing rapidly.

I have noticed in the last 5 years alone, a serious decline in common sense, critical thinking, and open-mindedness and these things were already at an all-time low.

It’s hard to teach those who don’t want to be taught. This is the struggle.

Thanks for your post and your video. Excellent material. Resteemed.


Yes, denial is epidemic and denial OF denial is sealing it all into unconsciousness so that it cannot be changed. The result is often perilous delusion representing itself as greatness!
Let's continue to be the change that is so sorely needed! Thanks!

What you are describing is the Cartesian project of methodical doubt and the self-refuting of doubt. It opens up the doors to generosity. Logic is the beginning of individuality and is there already tarnished. However, what you say ("you feel the truth"), THAT is TRUE. Great upload!

That is really true, politics is a dirty game, those who always follow it has troubles!

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