Vice News Tries to Cite As Pro Nazi.. A New Low For Vice!


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Always be careful that you don't find yourself on the side of those who remove freedom while claiming to be fighting for freedom!

Wishing you well,
Ura soul

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@ura-soul vice has been going downhill for awhile now.. I stopped watching their documentaries years ago as they feel so slimy.

Fun fact: Vice helped to make marketing for Philip Morris.. ya know that big cigarette company.

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Oh really? I didn't know that, but wouldn't be surprised. Are tobacco companies allowed to advertise?


@ura-soul yeah they are in magazines and used to be on bill boards.

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Oh ok - I don't think they can advertise anywhere in Britain - but I guess elsewhere they can.

Thanks very much for this video @ura-soul, I always enjoy your subject you share it teaches us about really life situation which help us to learn how we can manage our way of living.

Extremely interesting commentary and right on point. Extremism has become the norm. Not good. My liberal friends call me right-wing, my self-described right-wing friends call me liberal. Well, I would just call myself a nut. Labels, partisan politics, worship of Political Figures; what ever happened to free-thought?

I just don't get it. As for me? Apolitical. I concern myself with what I should support and what I should repudiate, and that may change from time to time as I learn more and recognize where I am in error (yes that happens).


Yes, exactly, it's FREE thinking that is missing. People are trapped into polarisation / divide & conquer / them/us thought prisons that have them unable to comprehend an alternative to their binary logic. I've given up even referring to any pre-existing political terms in relation to my own positions - I just say 'I am pro free will and free thought' - that seems to be the best I can do!


Even The Almighty, blessed be His Name, will force no one to do anything. The worst jailer of all is ourselves. We become prisoners of our own mind. Freedom is a mindset regardless of the actions of others or those that have seized what they believe to be power.

One can coerce another, but the only one that can control my mind is me. So I will continue to strive to be free. Hard work as I am my own worst enemy and have no need to look outside myself for the enemy.

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