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Since I knew about Steem in January 2018, I have made conscious efforts to ensure that my friends and family join the platform. This, I do because I believe in the future of Steem and it's features of creativity, innovation, growth is not what anyone should miss in this Social media age.

In the youth groups I mentor, l have been nicknamed as the "Steem man".

Good enough, I have been able to bring a handful of them numbering 50+ to steem blockchain, though only a few are dedicated content Creators.

I just finished an all-night rehearsal and could not imagine myself leaving without telling someone about my new community -

I quickly seized the moment when we tried to take selfies to mention #threespeak.

I'm glad, two persons have indicated interest to start sharing their thoughts on #threespeak.

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Hi, @uyobong! I am very delighted to see you doing well in @threespeak! We must expand the Steemit Blockchain with our effort and talents that God gave us, since the Steem is the best platform that will seek for our future benefits if we observe critically, but due to its ups and downs most steemians do not see, but I have search and seen it. I am with you here in #3Speak as I am also found here, let us enjoy the best out of hard times. Thank you for this video!!!


Thank you brother for seeing this as well. Let's just keep growing our reaches by telling our friends about the uniqueness of Steem blockchain

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Mountains doesn’t hide, Steem blockchain is like Mount Everest, it’s glory remains, it takes sincerity and hard work to attain the heights.

Keep moving, New Steem is a precious gift that one can comfortably give out.


New Steem is a precious gift that one can comfortably give out.

That's deep.

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