Guest Engagement on Steem Content: An Avenue to Bring More New Users to Steem


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@Threespeak to my knowledge, had pioneered the initiative to giving room for non-steem users to be able to Comment and like videos shared on 3speak. This allows Instagram account s, Google accounts and Facebook accounts to be able to engage our steem contents though without earning rewards.

Few days ago, I was able to help a Facebook user who commented on my 3speak video to onboard steem because of the "Guest User" option. It's getting cool that @Steempeak in their latest update has also subscribed to this. I see it a great opportunity more users to onboard steem. I hope other steem interfaces can think of this.

Watch the video let's discuss your views in the comments section.

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Hello Sir. Thank you for introducing me to this platform. There are great developments here. I hope to grow like you are.