Garden of the Gods

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Falling back in line with my regular sleep schedule has been a challenge since my return from Colorado.

I’m nodding off around 7-8PM but then suddenly wide awake by 2AM. It’s wild but I guess that’s what happens when you’re up for more than 24hrs. My internal clock shifted and I felt like I was in a haze the whole trip. Heck, I still feel out of it! I meant to post this video the other day but I didn’t have it in me. My alarm went off at 2:30AM, we arrived at the airport around 4AM and landed in Minneapolis by 9AM. I took a 4hr power nap and even though that screwed everything up, I desperately needed the rest.

When I woke up, I was determined to go through the images taken during my travels. I did finish one edit but felt like throwing a temper tantrum because of how irritable I was. The coffee shop was unreasonably hot and my body was showing signs of travel fatigue. I teetered back and forth, trying to find balance while remaining productive. I settled on the idea of enjoying my tea and postponed any thoughts of content creation. When I got home I began editing the footage from the Garden of the Gods park in Colorado Springs to make this video.

I’m extremely pleased with how it turned out. I wanted the video to have a vintage vibe. The music also gives it a cool eerie western feel. The song is, Shallow Blood by The Sterling Sisters and the vocals in this are sung by George Cessna who’s from Denver. Fitting, don’t you think?

Well, my eyes are starting to burn so that’s a clear sign that I should head off to bed!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed the video! 🦊

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Well it's cool to watch and listen to, the asthetics is amazing. Looked like something you'd see out of a post apocalypse film or series lol it's wonderfully put together. Sorry to see the endless traveling I guess it has it tolls. But well you're used to it really.


I’m so happy that you said that! I think post apocalyptic films are awesome! I was going for a vintage vibe. Oh and yeah, I’m used to the travel...maybe not so much the lack of sleep though.


Hahaha it also got the vintage vibe just that my other sense came alive when I saw a this really. I went through most of your videos your contents they're well done. I love your work

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