Oh Sees live at First Avenue!

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It’s been week since I attended this show at and I’m still thinking about it!

First off, we almost didn’t make it to this concert because of one huge error... This concert was on the 10th and we thought it was happening on the 11th. Luckily, @kommienezuspadt got an email alert saying that we should expect traffic delays leading into the city. If he hadn’t received that e-mail then we would’ve wasted the money we put up for the two tickets. The next problem was finding a last minute sitter. I had a friend who was planning to hang with @guthrie on the 10th, which is a Thursday but I sent her a text saying, “See you Friday!” so she was confused. Long story short, I had to scramble to find someone and I eventually did. I ended up getting a response from my little cousin and that was that! We ordered an Uber, had to deal with the unpleasantness of protests happening within the city but we made it in time! The openers had finished their set and the crowd was waiting for the Oh Sees to finish their sound check.

Overall, the show was outstanding! I threw up in my mouth a little when we arrived because of how anxious I was. How could I not be? We found out around 7:30PM that the show was that night and my cousin showed up an hour later to hang with the kid. Within that timeframe I had to to change, throw on my makeup and we had to pick up earplugs. Those earplugs were a lifesaver! @kommienezuspadt was also my bodyguard during the event. For the most part he protected me from the moshing but I did get elbowed in the eye, my fault for not having my guard up! 😆

Anyway, hope you enjoy the video! I captured a short clip of a dude crowd surfing, let me know if you see it! 🦊

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Wow what a scene! Can see you positioned the camera to pick up the performance from inside the crowds there and I must tell you the scenarios are amazing, the red lights and the beautiful rock music there from the band. Must've been so fun because I enjoyed myself.


Glad you enjoyed it! It’s a lot of fun sharing video footage from my perspective since I’m really short. Sometimes it can be terrifying/exciting when a bunch of bodies get thrashed around in the mosh pit!