The Making of Hero Victor!

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This is my very first post on @threespeak (yay!) and I’m so excited to not only be on here but to finally share the completed process video of my commission piece for the talented writer @theironfelix. It was such a privilege to draw up this amazing character for my dear friend and I hope to create more commissions similar to this one in the future!

I’ve said plenty about the artwork by now and if this is your first time seeing this lovely character then please check out my two previous posts, ”Comission for a thought provoking writer”  and “The coloring process of Hero Victor.” 

I’m sure you must all be thinking, “Who is Hero Victor?” Well, wait no futher, because I’ve got a blurb directly from the writer below! Stick around, get yourself some tea and enjoy the read, art and music! <3

Hello, this is Wiktora of @theironfelix (Steemit). I haven't been on Steemit for a great time now, I still plan on not being here as I decided to leave Steemit for good. I will save the author and the readers the trouble of why I left Steemit, and instead I will be talking about Hero Victor!

Hero Victor is one of those fictional characters I really never had the chance to play on Steemit, yet was already fully fleshed out in my folly. The irony was that I wanted to first premier Hero Victor in an animation medium, yet the art is here to negate my wants and so I might as well divulge about vir (neo-pronouns of Hero Victor: vir, vee).

Hero Victor is a character set in one of my settings within the overall multi-galaxy, mono-verse setting (aka Felixverse joking called). Hero Victor is self-evidently a hero not for being equal to Superman (albeit a bet vee can punch his teeth out) in strength or as zainy as Spiderman for what vee can do (albeit again I don't doubt vee would climb up a highrise to swat him). Vee is a hero because vee fights the battles that no one else wants to or can fight, and is a common street hero for simply being courteous or helping getting the cat off the tree for both the street babcia i dzadek (grandma and grandpa). Vir casual wear is essentially if you took the militaries of the World today but made it as Qu^^r as possible while making it practical as well while slapping a gas-mask with everything. Vir association with Gender is non-existent, considering vee thinks it very inefficient to vir daily life and what vee wants to do in the World to make it a better place.

Vee, yet, also is a survivor of The Void in the great Anti-Void war, wherewith the anti-Void war erupted in the midst of a revolting world. Vee was originally a revolutionary hero overthrowing an oppressive system with vir comrades to forward humanity and what it can do; now vee is one of the leading forces to charge into the fray to end this Annihilatory Beast that consumes entire galaxies through corruption and endless restructuring for its Voidish goals. Vee whenever vee gets free-time is a heavy metal+rock player, likes to consume alcohol like its nothing, probably did more psychedelics than you and never understood why it had been popular in the first place and does honeymoons with vir lovely lesbian doctor!!!!~ However, a word of warning: don't strip off vir gas-mask or vee will strip your life away from you~ <<<<3333!!!!~

Thanks for stopping by! 🦊

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Thanks darling! I’m extremely proud of this one!

Welcome in this platform sir,
Hope you are enjoying with us using @threespeak vlog.

Keep going with us sir

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Welcome to 3speak!


Thank you so much!

This basically wasn't a speed drawing and because of this, I got to see all the process really, it's a beautiful piece of work by all means. And erhm welcome to 3speak


Thank you so much for your kind and the warm welcome! Glad you enjoyed my work! ^^

OOOHHHH! He is super cute haha and he can drink lol So awesome my talented friend!