TC Directors Syndicate Received, £50+ million Before Announcement of Company Collapse.

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Thomas Cook Chief Executives and his colleagues Snatched £50+ million Before Company Collapse

Thomas Cook, Chief executive Peter Fankhauser, who announced the company’s collapse on Monday morning, has taken home £8.4 million since 2014, including £4.6 million in bonus payments. Wow !!! Great Peter "CleanPan".

The entire Thomas Cook directors syndicated UK's oldest st travel agency are accused of taking home, collective £50+ million in pay and bonuses in the last 10 years (2009-2019).

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Listen Dude, all these bunch of CEOs are design and trained in fashion to grab money from masses and keep it for themselves. No wonder these Thomas Cook CEOs or board member grabbed $50 million. I worked for one of the immigration company before, I was into sales, the company was into good standing and overnight it shutdown. The reason was unclear, but soon after the shutdown the Board member started new company with same agenda but different name. The agenda is very simple, "Grab Peoples Money" and keep it themselves.

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There are many corporations around world, like ticking time bomb, Lehman Brothers was one such disastrous company that went bankrupt over the weekend and completely collapsed on opening of the Monday morning market. This Stock and financial trading is not fair hearted. Imagine how many people invested their life’s saving into Thomas Cook, waiting for it to give them better return. I read about a guy who planned his marriage, book flights and hotels for guests through Thomas Cook, it costed him around $50,000 (fifty thousand), I believe his marriage is not taking place at least for 5 years now. Hence what you said is right, some people (mostly company CXOs) know the exact time to unplug the switch and create Havoc in everyone’s life. Unfortunately such people still remain active in businesses and Market, prepare their net for bigger catch.

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It's really unfortunate and it's true that Business Field have cruel face too. Stay blessed.

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