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While I (@wayo)was studying more and more about steam (for preparing a cases study). I reached couple of noticeable key events, very popular among Steemians. These events are price rise of Steem (@steemit)since its initiation in January 2016. In this video I concentrated on only events of price rise to keep it short and to convey my message.

These Key Events are as such.

  1. First price rise on 20th July 2016 - $4.34/Steem
  2. Second price rise on 20th June 2017 - $2.43/Steem
  3. Third price rise on 21st December 2017 - $3.87/Steem
  4. Forth Price Rise on 04th January 2018 - $7.28/Steem (Major event so far)
  5. Fifth Price Rise on 29th April 2018 - $4.08/Steem

Now if you notice there has been no rise in the prices of Steem in year 2019, no major event. Who is to blame ??? We can't blame anyone, but instead we can put collective efforts and Buy Steem and also encourage everyone to buy Steem. We can make this very happening place for everyone and basic income to all those Genuine Curators and content creators.

To make a start here is the campaign created by @clixmoney Please go this campaign to follow the instructions and together we can help contribute for Steem price rise. Please find the URL mentioned below for the campaign created by @clixmoney


Please be noticed @threespeak.

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I noticed those figures you mentioned in description, very impressive. Following the same, buying massive Steem as much I can, I know eventually this will all pay off. But one thing that bothers me all the time is Steem is owned and operated by company (not completely decentralized), I hope my decision to by should be fruitful.

  ·  3년 전

I had same fear earlier what if it never goes up, but looking at the network power and Steem support, all I can say is lets be hopeful to better prices for Steem.

  ·  3년 전

It makes me wonder, what happened to those massive $7.28 per Steem price tag?? Did everyone forget their master password in excitement and now it's locked in some account, that we can only see and visit it on whenever we wanted. Those few surge in prices are very strategic, it feels like someone took it to that price for the last time, to create an illusion. Do you get me, what I am trying to say ???

  ·  3년 전

Not necessarily, it's your perspective, why do you think someone want to do this ??? Its is more scary if some instrument like this exist.

Buying makes sense only, if we are doing this in a bulk, there is no point in collecting bits and piece of Steem from here and there. Moreover there should be massive movement in purchase, e.g. Purchase Steem worth £5000+ or more £10,000+ and wait for a while to have the bullish marathon of Steem, trust me you will definitely thank me later.

  ·  3년 전

This sounds and looks great for eyes, but when the time comes to touch the pocket, £5000+ is too big amount for many including me. But I got your point, looking from the investment perspective and long term thinking, this definitely makes sense.

Two interesting things in the world of #Steem #cryptocurrency:

The Steem price is currently way down, and the Steem wallet doesn't seem to be working at the moment. I wonder if a lot of people are trying to sell, or perhaps buy, their Steem.

  ·  3년 전

Steem wallet will be looked after and they will figure it out how to deal with the bugs or problems faced by steem wallet.

@wayo, Definitely Price trend showed volatility. But in my opinion at this moment we have to see the Technology aspect and i think that in Technology point of view Steem is so much rich. Stay blessed.

  ·  3년 전

There you are brother, you spoke my mind, I agree that the prices might be floored but the technology and infrastructure rickness is awesome. Steem rocks.


Yes. Thank you.

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There might never be rise this year though I like the stats of of how you mentioned the years and time of rise since 2016 this is the longest bear market and we can only hope it gets better with time. I'm buying myself and powering up as well

  ·  3년 전

There might be, or there might be not, but once the upper trends show, then we will never see these prices there after.

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