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That's great to hear. I don't know if I'll need livestreaming, but I'm happy to have access to it if needed.
Also, it's excellent to see that the 3Speak team continues to develop and innovate their service, which is an important one.


wehomen sai dto get driunk on steemnetwork so im following hsi advice

I love any chance for us to compeet with twitcha nd get steem engien tips going :D

yeah im glad for any new steem dveelopment and i apreciate the fact that @threepseak is curating and helping clean up the trending page

its hard for some of us to understand the bid bot downvote sbut when you realize that its justa few bucks here and thjeer on most posst, its really just a matter of curation and we can make that money return in 10 fold if we all curate andcreate and are as actiev as they are

actiev curation fuels the drive to BUy steempworer.. when i got upvopted in past it made me want to BUy lotsof steem...

we can all help actively contribute more and get steem back up, even if we get a few downvotes here and there, it will eb worth it plus we dont get downvotes if we dont use bid bots too much

Now we need some Streamer and Twitch 2.0 :)

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Shots fired! Your move dLive lol! Gamers and titty streamers are on their way, hope the community can deal with it

Oh yes! Something big is coming up! Important feature!

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When are you sending back the funds to @likwid?


Ask your dev.

Love to see how 3speak is improving platform. Finally is some one doing it right.

Hi Wehmoen,

why isn´t possible to contact your website

I always get Error 503 server no access try it later

Best regards.

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