Blockchain Expo Europe - My trip to Amsterdam

5개월 전

Together with @anarcotech and @sisygoboom I spent a few days in #Amsterdam to attend the Blockchain Expo Europe 2019.

We all arrived on the 18th of June. One day before the expo started. So we had some time to explorer #Amsterdam. Below you see some of the photos I took:

The next day we woke up early, had an "okay" breakfast (as @anaroctech described it) and took an Uber to the event location

We had many good chats with many interesting projects and are excited to see where this all leads us to.

I can not tell you much but keep an eye on 3Speak. We plan some new and exciting features!

On our 2nd day we also met @exyle and he had an interview with @anarcotech about 3Speak.

You can watch the full interview at 3Speak:

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That is really nice images from Expo, you are welcome @whmoen from this meet-up and creation of friendship. Thanks for the updates.

Great to see you guys building and promoting!

wow thats excellent snaps of you people. waiting more news about @threespeak. happy journey!

@wehmoen, These pictures are really effectful specially due to the Artful Architectures.

And good to know that this event went very productive and without any doubt we will going to look forward towards the 3Speak Ecosystem.

@exyle also putting efforts to educate more about this Ecosystem and he definitely deserve appreciation.

Have a wonderful time ahead and stay blessed.

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Awesome to see you all excited with it 😀

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Great architecture there. Interesting to see fanta. I haven't had that in a long time

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