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Haha because it's titled Live stream many of these commenters thought it's blockchain stuff. Anyways it's quite a long time for a swash buckling gaming experience 16 minutes, it's thrilling however the game seems quite old in the graphics?


You can add your own graphic package. And I was playing on a MAC. These are not really made for gaming so i went for a less demanding texture pack. If you have the right hardware it can look very different:

And indeed the live streaming itself has nothing todo with blockchain :)

Livestream videos have always been the best, simplified and straight forward, but I have not tried one before, I only upload outside and record in the creator video. I wished to try one and see how it taste. Thanks and greetings to you! i really missed your videos here!

It is cool to have the Livestream facility running on the 3speak platform. The dev team is doing an amazing work here.

Though I'm not a game freak, I do appreciate those who play it as well as you do.

Bravo and Happy New week

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Wow great facilities for @threespeak users,some days ago i was try to make livestream but i was not ablle to create i see it and happy to this features. Hope i am enjoy doing livestream..

Thanks for kind of gorgeous Information for us who are not known it..

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@wehmoen, Hope that you enjoyed your Gaming Session. And i believe that going forward more Streamers will explore 3Speak.

Currently i am playing Android Games like Call Of Duty, PES 2019 and Mortal Kombat.

Enjoy your time ahead and stay blessed.

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