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First will like to apologize for the other time. Taking my viewers to the chicken farm without saying anything about the things going on there, neither telling them about my poultry farming and what I actually wanted to share for others to learn too

So this time I will try my best to explain what and what we often do over here in our poultry farm.

Firstly what kind of birds are this, am sure someone would love to ask.

Now this breeds of hens are called "LAYERS" their major duty is to lay eggs. Even without undergoing the normal and natural way of mating or servicing by another bird.


  • The young layers, that is the baby layer is given the feed called "starter" this will enable the young chick to start growing and building their bodies
  • Then after some weeks they are given another feed called "Grower" this is to enable their rapid growth, this is because layer birds are different from commercial agricultural birds which are the "broilers".

  • Again after like 5-6 months, when the birds start laying eggs, they are given the feed called "layer mash"

  • This is to help them in the laying progress and to enable them lay fine and bigger sizes of eggs.


  • Change the feeding and water troughs regularly. On a daily basis
  • The bird's bedding must be changed at least 2-3weeks
  • Cut the bird's peak when it is matured to avoiding them from breaking the eggs laid by them
  • Vaccination is required when rearing birds
  • Isolation of the sick birds and the barren ones to ensure and monitor their progress and response to treatment
  • wash the water troughs regularly


  • The layer birds are good for consumption
  • The eggs laid by the birds are good source of protein
  • The are source of income to the farmer
  • Even the bird's bedding or dung is a source of manure or fertilizer for agricultural farmland
  • Layer bird rearing generates more income than the commercial agricultural birds "broilers"
  • Meat gotten from the layer birds are rich source of protein in man's meal

The Layer birds are good breed of birds. This is why most poultry farmers choose them over "broilers" which is only for the meat+consumption.

Today I entered my poultry farm😊 to collect my proteinous eggs😊

Today's meal will be wow! Yummy with lot of proteins. And don't forget Christmas is fast approaching, as we are going to Merry with our chicken... This is just getting sweeter🙊😁

My Chickens! My Eggs! My source of protein.

Hope you enjoyed my talking for today!😂

Do have a lovely day and thank you for stopping by to watch my video and subscribe to my channel.

I am @zellypearl

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