Fun time with @gee1.... its throwback thursday..

3년 전

It's throwback Thursday , thanks to @gee1 on this.... you can participate through this link

My throwback Thursday is about my fear for makeup, I always love to be on my natural look, virtually all of my friends does the make up thing, I admire it on them, but the fear of how will like look when I have it on won't allow me wear a make up, when occasions calls for it, I would say I will do but at last I will end up with having just my powder and lip gloss.. yes Lip gloss (hahahahha).

My look with just powder and lipgloss

But on this day I went to visit a friend and she did the make up magic on my face, I did loved I looked that day, and I promise myself I will learn to do make up for myself.

Hiannn, I have gon back to my old ways of powder and lipgloss....

Thanks for reading.
@deronke cares

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You naturally look good.