#Throwbackthursday picture - while I was a teacher with a small stature!

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This picture above really brings lots of memories whenever I come across it.

Chai! See how time flies!

It's been a very long time ago that I taught in a secondary school. Well, most of the pictures I took those days are nowhere to be found today.

Seeing this picture today made me remember quite a number of thing.

Before I go on with the memories I wanna share, I want to say "thank you" to @gee1 for giving me the opportunity to dig out my old pictures... And out of all my old pictures, I think this picture above is still the best picture that got me smiling endlessly.

Would you like to take part in the challenge? Here's the link.


So, what next?

What do this picture makes me remember when I come across it?

A lot of things! Seriously!

That was actually when I was teaching in a secondary school.

Have you ever taught before? Do you know how it feels to teach adults? I mean, to teach teenage of 15 - 20 years at my age (24)?

The picture makes me remember my first time teaching a secondary school class - JSS2 to be precise.

The school was in Ibadan. I was just 24 years. I had a very small stature. I was very short, slim and look younger than my age. This stature of mine made the students considered me as unfit to be their teacher.

At first, when I joined, some students would do things to disrespect me. I wouldn't mind. I knew their problem - my stature was very small. Some of them are bigger than I even was. So, it wasn't their fault.

As time passes, they all started to honor me. I wondered why. It was later that I figured out that they started to honor me due to my intelligence.

I was too good at teaching students my favorite subject - Mathematics. Some of my colleagues also did jealous me. At last, my intelligence bought me honor.

This picture reminds me something else:

I discovered I was very good at writing when I was teaching. Chai My proprietor also commended me and confirmed that.

That was actually when I wrote few books that are still unpublished. Books suitable for secondary school literature. I could write fiction and non fiction stories - all while I was a teacher.


If you ask me if I'd love to teach again,

I would say NO!

Teaching was stressful! I couldn't bear it. Probably that's why I quitted.

Not only that it was stressful; it also didn't pay. Teaching couldn't solve my financial problems. I couldn't earn my financial freedom through teaching.

What about you?

Have you taught before? Do you have a close person who teaches? Do you think teaching could solve one's financial problems?

I want to hear from you.

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Yes I have taught before. I taught immediately after I graduated. I can totally relate with your story because I was also very small and tiny then. I didn't have issues with them respecting me anyways, maybe because I was a no-nonsense aunty. There's really no one without a past. Sincerely in a country like ours, teaching alone can't solve ones financial problems.

What are #throwbackthursday for???

Memories and of course fun.

Thanks for participating dearie and congratulations you will be getting a freebie from me to be sent exactly a week from today.


Wow! I'm so glad you took your time to read my story, and could easily relate with it.

May God bless you for the freebie, sister steemit evangelist 😁 😁